Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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While its impressive Zoro manage to block a combine attack from Linlin and Kaido, it seem like it was a shockwave attack and again not up close to what Jinbei did to Linlin.

Therefore I still see Jinbei feat is better because he took it like a champ.

Hopefully Zoro use all 3 swords to block it too, and not just because of Enma..
Jinbe would definitely die from this attack. Don't forget he took his lump from the emaciated Big Mom
headcanon, Killer would destroy sanji.
Be content with Kanjuro or in best case scenario Queen
Only chance for Sanji would be learning to embrace the Raid Suit completely
so zoro blocked the attack for only 1 second, got heavely injured and law teleported him out before he dies.

sry, don't see the hype:kayneshrug:

Sure you don't.

Let's try it again but this time look at all of the information available.

Zoro was fast enough to react to and block a combination attack from two Yonko. None of the other supernovas were able to do the same including Law. He stopped the attack long enough for the rest of the SN to escape. He wasn't able to completely stop the attack so it eventually broke through his block and hit him. Law then returned the favor by helping Zoro over escape the part of the attack that hit him.

The attack, which we are told is one of the strongest attacks in the manga, didn't KO Zoro. He was injured but still have enough endurance and energy to continue fighting and helped remove Big Mom from the battlefield.

Do you think that not impressive. Ok, this will be a very long week for the haters. No, long arc.


Heavy Metal
New spoiler clears things up @Pantheos and @Lukegranders . Kidd repelled the metal to repel Big Mom like I said
Yep, you were right.

but he tank the attacks on purpose, let big mum get the upper hand in purpose, just to trick her and get her out.

i just take from it:
1. He planed the whole move
2. He tricked and outplaned Big Mum (together with Law)
3. is able to Tank pure and raw attack by BM
4. Tanks them on purpose
5. Is able to push her (against her haki, which stops Law) in the her and makes her basically defenseless

Hold up, Luffy used Red Hawk not Red Roc???
Red Roc was the attack he used in Chap. 1000
Red Hawk is the same attack Luffy used on Holdem and Kaido is out dodging that :jay-he:
This shit sounds sus :bamathink: I'll wait for the official chapter.
- Started with Kaido cannot even kill himself
- into Red Hawk will make him dodge... same Red Hawk which did not take out Hody Jones or Doffy

It's so funny.... but the only way Oda can make sense of this shit is that Luffy's form of advanced haki is at most effect with Kaido when used TOGETHER with FIRE.... Oda needs to highlight that, otherwise, Oda is creating a complete mess of shit
At this point I start to doubt more that Luffy will truly defeat her even in WCI again or Elbaf or anywhere as long as she is still outed, but never say never. This arc was perfect to start portraying their clash, I always supported the idea to have them at least clash consistently on Wano , not necessarily to have Luffy to defeat her entirely so soon. So my hope diminished further.. and who knows if Oda shall ever portray this 1 on 1 or even not necessarily 1 on 1.
I don't know. I feel like that would be the perfect place to conclude her story. It would be great for Luffy to defeat a Yonko in a 1v1 battle.
This site is so predictable. Zoro almost got killed and Law saved him. Oda really loves to wank him because Luffy in G4 could have Jozu this out of the way, or Luffy and Kid would have been enough to completely dwarf the attack. But no let’s have Zoro go near death for no reason ( I guess Haki blooming stuff).
Now that I think about it this attack can clap anyone that’s not like a full fledged Yonko bar Luffy going all out.
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