Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Sure you don't.

Let's try it again but this time look at all of the information available.

Zoro was fast enough to react to and block a combination attack from two Yonko. None of the other supernovas were able to do the same including Law. He stopped the attack long enough for the rest of the SN to escape. He wasn't able to completely stop the attack so it eventually broke through his block and hit him. Law then returned the favor by helping Zoro over escape the part of the attack that hit him.

The attack, which we are told is one of the strongest attacks in the manga, didn't KO Zoro. He was injured but still have enough endurance and energy to continue fighting and helped remove Big Mom from the battlefield.

Do you think that not impressive. Ok, this will be a very long week for the haters. No, long arc.
Zoropiece :endthis: Anyway, those novas are monsters.

It makes you wonder : what are the most impressive attacks people like Akainu or Mihawk can use, given that their lethality is crazily hyped up? :kata:
Says he is going to break it down and yet presents headcanons and diversions.
Ivankov being stronger than Kuma is headcanon.
Kuma being Revo is irrelevant to the fact(fact) that Zoro took Luffy's pain (which knocked Luffy out) in top of his own.
In addition to the fact that Nami says Zoro is the toughest in the crew

Like I said, Zoro did his feat alone. Luffy did his feat with help...that help is what enabled Luffy to perform his feat so there's no comparison
Ivankov said Kuma feared him, and Iva has a higher rank than Kuma from what we've seen and had dominant performance and confidence in the marineford war.
Nami's ambiguous word that probably wasn't even including the captain is above Ivankov's definitive statements, sure bro, what chapter was this again, I want to check the Japanese?

Zoro had the help of Kuma slowly allowing him to take the pain at his pace rather than directly firing the pain bubble onto him without preparation, considering Luffy did not immediately wake up and still had some scuffs and damage Kuma possibly took only the acceptable amount of damage out of Luffy so as not to kill his subordinate, Kuma was on the SH's side. All of this was within Kuma's predictions of being doable, Luffy surpassed Ivankov's predictions and Ivankov, being stronger had higher standards.

In terms of raw physical strength they’re roughly around the same level. It’s arguable who holds the edge they’ve both been shown lifting huge objects and what not. Endurance wise though Thriller Bark literally shows why Zoro has the edge there.
All of Luffy's strength feats edge out Zoro's arc to arc, Luffy is a brawler of course he should be stronger than a swordsman, this shouldn't be controversial.
So Zoro is stronger than Luffy for accepting what Luffy accepts on a regular basis, and has accepted far worse since, despite the fact he had multi-arc reprucussions for doing so.
Despite the fact that was over 600 chapters ago, a character moment and has been superceded by Impel Down, Marineford immediately after, and more recently in a direct fight comparison between Luffy vs Kat his endurance and stamina absolutely blows the fuck out of what Zoro has EVER endured- highlighted by the Zoro Kamazou fight.
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