Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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No bad mouthing about VerGod. He made fools out of both Smoker and Sanji, not that it would prove particularly harsh either. But we can finally say that VerGod's haki is probably not on yonko level. I wonder how critical will experience this chapter. Probably will eat bad.
Let the has been corpse buried, Vergo has stopped being a model and reference of power a long time ago.
Zoro haters overrate the "Haki" that comes from Enma. It's basically just Oden's signature. When Zoro attacked Kaido along with Killer while not imbuing Enma with his Haki, it didn't really do damage, maybe superficial; Kaido was laughing. But when Zoro pumped it full with his own Haki, Big Mom freaked out.

Sure, Enma is an exceptional sword, but only in the hands of a master. A normal swordsman, as Tengu phrased it, would be a mere husk after using it.

The more powerful Enma is on its own, the more powerful Zoro is for mastering it. The narrative is, that Zoro is not only the first in history after Oden who could do it (at least in Wano), but he will surpass Oden by turning Enma black.

Lanji-fans are much butthurt over Woro's godly feats.



𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Seems like Luffy finally got his haki back! Last chapter I think he attacked Kaido without haki ffs.
Nah, he had his haki all along in 1008.

The Supernova have simply been facing Hybrid Kaido and Prometheus fused Mama for more than 30 minutes.

didnt they say zoro blocked the attack like nothing happened:milaugh::milaugh:

not trying to demean zoro's feats, just correcting some zorotards
So I was surprised when I saw this complaint as I don't recall any Zoro fan saying that. It turns out the culprit was someone that I had placed on ignore, I guess that's all I have to say for how credible they are.

luffy has looked better
My rooftop ranking for now
1. Luffy
2. Zoro
I don't really understand why you guys place Luffy above Zoro. As far as I can tell, Zoro has the two best feats:
  • Hiryuu Kaen
    • Terrified two Yonkou
    • Caused Mama to warn Kaido to dodge
    • Cut off one of Onigashima's Horns
    • Mama commented that they had really underestimated Zoro
  • Blocking Hakai
    • Hakai was the ultimate attack of the Yonkou in their most powerful forns
    • Zoro held it back for a few seconds

I give Luffy his due, but I don't even understand how his feats so far trump those.

as impressive as zoro has looked .
You can only truly comprehend how crazy Zoro's feats are when you consider how Zoro spent 90% of the first half of the fight protecting Luffy.

I told you zoro getting feats this arc eos sanji can't even dream about
Yep. @RayanOO sorry, but Rooftop Zoro > EOS Sanji.

And Killer doing nothing, thus a spectator (at least from the summary).
Killer disarmed Mama.

You guys wank this stuff to much when in fact wasnt that great like you guys said
It was even crazier than I initially described it?

Zoro uses Homurasaki. And we got Wano's most beautiful women "Komurasaki'. Hiyori × Zoro confirmed :emohiyo::lumazed:
Nah, Homurasaki is Kinemon's technique. It just means "Flame Rend".
Bro stop making up your own story. Enma doesn't give Zoro the ability to use Ryou. Zoro could already use Ryou. It takes Zoro haki to use, it doesn't give you Ryou techniques to cut everything or noting. What Enma got the rubber fruit in it too. Lmao
It's ryuo not ryou dude.

It takes Zoro's haki to use YES, but converts it. Like Shusui added weight to his attacks, Enma is haki related, and drains haki and projects the drained haki.

Does Enma give Zoro any advantage in combat? Yes or no?
If no- why is Zoro using a sword he can't fully control?
What is the point of meitos if they hold no advantage?
Why is this meito draining haki in a way no other meitos do?
Why is he excited about Enma?

When Zoro failed to cut Kaido with Onigiri and said he needed to unleash Enma's power what did he mean?
Why does Kaido keep saying Enma has strange haki?
Dont know why people bash on the MODS from this forum so much.
I've heard they were biased or whatever, but when they are actually tagged and asked to close some more "bait" threads, they appear quite fast.
I've seen @Natalija closing a lot of threads and telling people that he/she did it after being tagged, because he/she is not on a 24hrs patrol looking at every single thread all the time. I assume it applies to the others as well.

Why do people bash at them so much again? :P
I react best to summoning jutsu

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