Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Zoro used Ryuo in Alabasta vs. Daz Bones already, it's a confirmed fact, because Zoro used the ability to "cut everything and nothing" as described by Koshiro, which later was described by Hyogoro as that Ryuo swordsmen use to cut everything. Obviously a strong affinity towards CoA. And in his 2 years with Mihawk, he had a lot of time honing his abilities and his Ryuo.

His power is the only reason he can use Enma. He is even said to surpass Oden. So why are bitches bitching here? :yasu:
Why are people shitting on Vergo? Vergo only lost to Law because he underestimated him and also because Law pulled all the stops and unleached a mountain range slash with his ability to finally penerate Vergo's Armament Haki. Another point for him is that Law never teleported Vergo away which would have been easier for him to retrieve his heart from him. Law could only teleport said heart around similar to how he could teleport Zeus but not Big Mom herself.

To me, even up to now, Vergo's durability and Armament Haki is still top tier in the verse.
No one should be shitting on vergo. He was a good fighter in relation to his standing. His full body armanent he was so proud of just seems like a useless flex nowadays when you look at the outcome of the fight and knowing that it drains your haki over time heavily. Not that smart.
Converts it? Bro once again stop making up your own story. All Enma does is sucks users haki, it doesn't give you the Technique call ryou. Zoro could already turn his sword black and send flying haki slashes.

Enma gives him the advantage training thats it.
When did i say they hold no advantage. Enma is the same rank has Shisui.
Because Enma has the ability to do that. Just like his other swords were problem childs till he tamed them.
He excited about getting new swords alll the time.

He means he needs to put more haki in it which he did. Unleash means you holding it back. Now he flowing haki in it. Also he started flowing haki in his ither swords too.
yea and zoro utilizes that ability of enma alot in this fight.. i bet he'd be less fatigued id he were with Shusui.. but enma is indispensable when you consider his development
"Law's ability ignores haki" :ihaha:
@Buusatan94 it seems like you beloved friend is back...
Overall thanks god the new chapter comes out, proving Law haki was better then Vergo haki as we all call it out and no before you guys coming up with stuff like "it was CoC", Doffy had CoC and Law not, yet Law could teleport him and could use Mes, showing Law had greater haki then both Doffy and Vergo.

Doffy even call it, haki can block Law power and this chapter confirmed it. Sadly Vergo hakii was not enough for Law haki, neither Doffy was.
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It doesn't translate to the admirals though. That combined attack of 2 Yonko was devastating. Zoro partly blocked it and was, despite Law teleported him away, heavily injured, along with a part of the island being destroyed. With one blow.
It was op asf, Zoro even said it could kill all supernovas at once, if that attack direclty hit them, they would be killed probably now. Zoro really show great leadership wiith risking his life.
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