Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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From 1001 to 1003 every Zoro panel agaisnt the Yonko is about Oden’s Haki.

Don’t even @me again. The hell did you just @ post punches ?
Luffy has stronger Haki here. And he uses his Haki with his DF this is not an offense against defense. You are a fool. Are you saying Haki punches Luffy is still rubber to them ?

Yeah those people are invincible and the strongest DF Laws that gets obliterated by Haki other dfs can survive it. Sit it.
Nope, wrong. About Enma yes not Oden's haki. The closest you get is Oden's 'presence' in Enma.

Not 'haki'
He blocked it momentarily could mean slow down too lol, its the same meaning.

Though he is right in that Zoro was probably gonna be extremely injured if not outright die if Law didnt shambles him away.

This is still great hype from Zoro though, he blocked an attack from two top tiers momentarily, any YC wouldve gotten deleted instantly.

Hence why Zoro low top tier!
Rogersbase will be hyped like always , Sawyer7mage will make a good review as always , Jay D. will give Zoro his respect and he will be happy for Kidd. KoL will get a heart attack, will talk bullshit and then he will post on Twitter a picture of Zoro and Kiku like a little child. :kayneshrug::suresure:
And Morj will cry about Enma and keep preaching how the raid is still going to fail:goyea:
Because king is not a leg combat fighter, but he can cut Vergo in half like he didi with Warco's wings!
Ling is from what we've seen perhaps more of a leg based fighter than Vergo, hence why he opted to kick down Queen Mama's Chanter :smoothy:
Vergo has no notable kicking moment outside of breaking Sanji's upper shin with his ankle:steef::steef::steef:

That was just to hype up Smoker's power by Vergo treating Sanji like a third rate punk :josad:

Ling is a failure when Vergo has to go easy on Sanji and Sanji not giving Ling any time of day. It's a huge discrepancy.

Vergo is too nice he didnt cripple Sanji bc Sanji needs to continue his journey actually defeating (L)ing this arc :jay-he::kobeha::arnoling:
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