Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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- It's the time for Fenaker FAX :


- Zoro through out the series Oda made sure for him to block / deflect using these things I will start from the lower level to the highest one :

• Blocking / deflecting using his base form and swords:

• Blocking using a technique that is designed for that :

• Blocking using Ichi Ni Gorilla Boost :

• the ultimate block Mode Asura :
( Another level )

Zoro chosed in base to evade it but a far stronger Form of that attack got turned into mist by Ashura :

So starting from the highest one to the lowest :

Asura Mode >>> Ichi ni Gorilla >>> Ultora Gari >>> Basic Block using his base strength .

and what happened ? a combined attack from 2 yonko in their strongest form had a FS user not having enough time to dodge but Woro did block it for them to evade by slowing it while using a basic block with his strength in base not using Ultora gari not using Ichi ni Gorilla not using Ashura and that technique is hyped to have the ability to kill them all in one strike also it is an island attack :shocking::pepapoo:WORO :feelsokeman:
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(my problem with him vs Kuri btw)?
Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki has a radius of several hundred metres and the offensive prowess to completely overwhelm Kaido's Tatsumaki and cut him up. It oneshots Katakuri, and he has no counter for it.

1. What is he going to do about Thunder Bagua's near FS speedblitzing speed (just as an example). Or by extension FS overall? Slashes are still straight lined, not really difficult to dodge..
Zoro has outreacted FS Luffy on several occasions:
  • He reacted to Batman's arrows first.
  • He warned Luffy about Apoo's attack.
  • He intercepted Heavenly Fire
  • He intercepted Boro Breath
  • He intercepted Hakai

2. What's up with him and environmental awakening moves? (Ever White/Flowing Mochi/.. Parasite? ).. Independent of the characters or their estimated powerlevels, just the abilities, how is he going to deal with that on paper?
  • Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki
  • Flying slashes

3. And as a further extension from point 2: Logia awakening, especially Aokiji's and Akainu's will for a 100% be insanely powerful and lethal as fuck. Just imagine them turning everything into their respective element (Freezing you up on contact/boiling magma). How is he supposed to deal with that?
I don't think current Zoro can contend with Awakened Logia admirals yet, but he deals with it however the other DFless top tiers deal with it.

3 is what makes me doubt Mihawk's overall standing btw aswell. Not because I'm hating him. No cap, he's an absolute unit in cqc. But I myself got not answer to that, cause he's legitimately the only living top tier where I've got no clue how he's dealing with it (see Answer3) .

My answer to those in short would be:
1. FS obviously
2 and 3: Some kind of flight or movement boosting tech/logia form/magma withstanding dura f. E. (Kaido imo)/your own logia awakening and advCoC for a guy like Shanks (reasonable assumption cause of portrayal imo, if not- same prob as Mihawk)
Genuine interest..
  • Attributing it to Advanced COC is highly unwarranted.
  • Many top tiers lack comparable Devil Fruit abilities:
    • Roger
    • Rayleigh
    • Garp
    • Shanks
    • Oden

Imo even if he has those specific problems, that's legit just against some super tricky guys like Doffy, Marco and Kuri imo. Could still range up to Low top tier nonetheless, cause I don't know which major PU a guy like Mihawk still has over him, other than potential FS and greater control over his haki flow (which Enma simulates anyway)..
Stats I think Mihawk has over Zoro:
  • COA
    • A black blade
    • Apex of swordsmanship
  • COO
    • His epithet was originally clarivoyant
  • Stamina
    • Top tiers can fight for 10 days
    • Zoro is winded after fighting for a few hours at best.
  • Offensive Prowess
    • Superior COA
    • Superior sword
    • Superior sword technique
  • Defensive Prowess
    • Superior COA
    • Superior sword
    • Superior sword technique
  • CQC ability
    • Superior COO
    • Superior COA
    • Superior sword
    • Superior sword technique

I also think Mihawk is a high/top top tier though. If I'm right on where Mihawk stands in relation to Zoro, then he is probably the strongest current top tier.

Other than stamina, I think Zoro's other stats are still in the top tier range (maybe comparable to mid top tiers).
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