Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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@Fujishiro I don't think they can spam Hakai so readily:
Kaidou: "I hope your legs and hip are still good enough, old hag!!"

Big Mom: "Who do you think you are talking to, boy!!"
  • The Yonkou seem to psych themselves up before performing the attack.
  • Kaido asks if Big Mom is still in shape enough to perform it.
    • This suggests that it's noticeably taxing on them.
- It's the time for Fenaker FAX :


- Zoro through out the series Oda made sure for him to block / deflect using these things I will start from the lower level to the highest one :

• Blocking / deflecting using his base form and swords:

• Blocking using a technique that is designed for that :

• Blocking using Ichi Ni Gorilla Boost :

• the ultimate block Mode Asura :
( Another level )

Zoro chosed in base to evade it but a far stronger Form of that attack got turned into mist by Ashura :

So starting from the highest one to the lowest :

Asura Mode >>> Ichi ni Gorilla >>> Ultora Gari >>> Basic Block using his base strength .

and what happened ? a combined attack from 2 yonko in their strongest form had a FS user not having enough time to dodge but Woro did block it for them to evade by slowing it while using a basic block with his strengty in base not using Ultora gari not using Ichi ni Gorilla not using Ashura and that technique is hyped to have the ability to kill them all in one strike also it is an island attack :shocking::pepapoo:WORO :feelsokeman:
@Cinera :feelsokeman:

Fenaker > Cinera


How does it feel to love someone?
Hakai (覇海) is an upgraded version of Hakoku (覇国). Big Mom and Kaidou have the same pose than Dorry and Brogy, but we see the attack from above them. The attack is devastating, probably the most powerful attack in all One Piece until now (in TOP 3 100% sure).

And Kaido is just getting started, brrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.
I would love it if she creates an air or wind homie to get back on Onigashima, that would be awesome and be another proof of her devil fruit's huge potential.
And then she will make Onigashima an earth homie able to pressure and suck in anything all the way to the rooftop to capture Luffy before throwing him violently far away to crash him deeply into Ringo's land.
To ease her anger against him, she will proceed to launch a massive sword blow crushing anything on its way and cutting Ringo in two : "Hakkoku Sovereignty" powered up with advanced haki and her air homie's abilities.
But fortunately, Onimaru will move Luffy away just in time. Hiyori and him will take care of Luffy's wounds until the final round.
Kaido is barely damaged while the SN are said to look very bad by the end of the chapter.

Kaido is clearly in the better place
Though that is thanks to Kaido own power, we hype for right reason the SN but shouldn´t forget this Kaido was fighting all Scabbards together, then the Supernova show up and Kaido has a tank list over 20attacks, most of them could even hurt him.
Kaido standing in the better place is duo his own performance, as a monster/tank with insane power.
That is kinda crazy that he still look fresh with few bruise while the Supernova already come to their limit, let me ask the question again how Op where guys like Roger/Primebeard/Sengoku/Garp who beeing in same lvl.


How does it feel to love someone?
There are Two Things that Fans need to Realize now

1. Scabbards are obviously finding their Match-Ups One by One (Ashura K.O -- Inurashi vs Jack -- Raizou vs Fuku) so we should expect now that in Upcoming Chapters, Each Scabbard will Stop for some reason.
  • Obviously someone will Face Kanjuro & that should be Kin'emon
  • I also expect someone to join Ground Floor to Help Marco & that should be Izou
  • Someone should also Spot Hiyori/Toki & go Meet her & that should be Kawamatsu
  • I expect Remaining Numbers to make an Appearance & Nekomamushi should stay to Handle them
  • I believe Kiku will also be KOed somehow just like Ashura & it should happen in Ground Floor where Izou stays too
  • And finally this leaves us with Denjiro who could possibly go face Sasaki & help Franky win Faster
2. Luffy is Heavily Injured from Kaido's Attack, Kid is Heavily Injured from BM's Attack & Zoro is also Heavily Injured from both their Attacks, leaving Law & Killer as the only still Health Supernova. The pattern is clear, Oda is obviously separating the Main Kaido Trio (Luffy/Zoro/Kid) & is giving them a Break so that he focuses on Law/Killer now & give them their Moments to Shine before letting that Trio Defeat Kaido.

Law is Highly Expected to Die & Killer is also Speculated to be Heavily Endangered after he Shines to give Kid more Fuel to his Anger which he needs in Conclusion of the Fight. It's also worth noting that Law telling Big Mom "Bye Bye" isn't random, Oda clearly wants BM to get Mad at Law & target him, so here is what i believe will happen:

1. Luffy, Zoro & Kid are Further Injured by Kaido & they become unable to Continue, needing a Short Break
2. Killer faces Kaido alone & Shine & we get some Short Flashback of his Friendship/Childhood with Kid & explore more of his Character
3. BM will come back somehow & targets Law for insulting her & she will wreck him but he performs well ofc
4. Kaido/BM are Standing Victorious while All 5 Supernova are Unable to Fight & on the Floor & they are going to Kill Luffy
5. Hawkins is spectating the Fight & we get an Explanation that the 1% Prediction was about Luffy + Learn more about him
6. Yamato intervenes & we get Father & Daughter Chapter where Kaido gets pissed off at her Betrayal
7. So Kaido decides to show her what happens to the Citizens she cares about & he Flies & starts burning Wano (Not just Flower Capital)
8. As for Big Mom, i believe with Help of Scabbards, SHs will finish their Fights quicker & go up to Fight BM
9. Law wants to prove Hawkins Wrong & uses Eternal Youth Operation to save Luffy while Chopper heals the Others
10. Law dies & the Main Trio are back on their Feet, then Momo comes & flies them towards Kaido
11. This will be the Moment when Hawkins abandons Card Reading & realizes the Power of D. & the Ability that Luffy have to gather Friends
12. It's also possible King/Queen will go to the Roof when they see SHs & it will be SHs + Yamato vs Big Mom & King/Queen (Especially since Sanji can't Fight BM)

With this Scenario IMO, we will have:
  • Killer Dedicated Chapter where he Shines & we get his Flashback with Kid
  • Big Mom gets her Revenge on Supernova
  • Kaido/BM will have their "Won" Moment similar to many Previous Villains
  • Hawkins Dedicated Chapter where he gets to realize the Will of D. & how it effects Fate
  • Law Dedicated Chapter & finally the Reveal of "Eternal Youth Operation"
  • Yamato vs Kaido Dedicated Chapter (Kaido won't Hurt her badly, it will mostly be Drama)
  • Kaido attacking Wano just like many Previous Villains did (Aside from Birdcage/Island Danger)
  • Scabbards getting their Match-Ups Post-Kaido Fight
  • Straw Hats going to the Roof to Fight Big Mom
  • Nami retrieving Zeus
  • Anime Opening Foreshadowing of BM + King/Queen vs Straw Hats
  • Franky gets to use his New Weapon on her
  • Yamato gets her Fight next to Most Straw Hats (Solidifying her as Future Recruit)
  • Momo gets to Join & Fly the Main Trio towards Kaido
  • Sanji + Killer or Drake vs King & Queen
  • Wano Citizens witnessing the Conclusion of Kaido Fight & his Defeat/Death
  • Denjiro gets to Settle his Score with Sasaki
  • Raizou settles his Rivalry with Fuku while Inu with Jack
  • Kawamatsu meeting Jinbe & learning about Fishmen Island
  • WCI SHs settle their Score with BM
  • And ofc we get the Tragedy of Act 3 which is Law's Death
Imo it will be Epic Fights at the End: (Final Round)

Luffy + Zoro + Kid + Momo vs Kaido
Sanji & Drake vs King & Queen
Rest of Straw Hats & Yamato vs Big Mom

Scabbards & Marco will handle those on the Ground Floor or at least Speed Up SHs Fights before these Final Rounds which should be Act 4
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