Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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How many hours are left until we get the pics ?
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Crown Clown was the shit. I haven't watched the new series nor kept up with the series since A left and the co was trying to find him etc... Years ago!
I loved the OP's and some of the ED's.
You have a good taste :steef: The story has a slow pace because a chapter is realising every 3 months bu you should pick it up again if you have time.
Kaido decided to dodge luffy's Red hawk, so Ryuo G2 hits are now more dangerous than G4 attacks? Wtf, Oda and his inconsistency.

That's good hype for Luffy though.
Bro its like people just ignore everything or read wothout context. Last chapter luffy says that they are humans we been hitting them eventually it will affect them. Kaido dodged an attack this chapter. That doesn't meang2>>>G4 bro Why is this so hard to understand its a child manga.

The accumulation of hits is starting to affect Kaido, so now he is dodging which before he wasn't dodging anything.
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