Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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To find the All Blue!
It's kinda strange we see hybrid Kaido fighting before calamities and some topi roppo
It's not.
It means we will swap from rooftop again soon, then come back only after the dome fights are concluded.
Then people downstairs will start dealing with the "time bomb", which are the fire around the castle and the drop on the flower capital, while the main fight gets its finale.
My wank is the best because it's firmly rooted in the Manga.

Best girl.

Yes "her". Kiku is clearly a woman and addresses herself as such. Don't misgender her.
The situation with One Piece fans...

1- Kiku shows up, female swordsman, tending to Zoro's wounds... EVERYONE is jumping on the bandwagon and wants to pair her with Zoro LOL

2- After the Kiku reveal.... Fans just wanna throw her under the bus LMAO

Human are terrifying beings! they disgust me LOL
Not open for further replies.