Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Sounds like a good chapter to me, altought the orochi part sounds shady to me. But who knows..... He was already "dead" once. I hope that wasn't all, it would bother me a bit if he came back for just one chapter.

Putting zeus in a box is an very nice move!

And attacking Napoleon & cutting Prometheus is also great!

Looks like the boys are working good as group.

But one thing bothers me... Last time big mom fell into the sea she came back as O-Lin...

And I'm glad that Traffic really can't teleport everyone away!

But anyway I'm excited for the full chapter!


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New info regarding Big Mom from Redon.
"About Big Mom, it is not that it falls into the sea at the end of the chapter. They have just thrown it off the island and it starts to fall towards the sea, but you can't see it touching the water or anything (although without Zeus or Prometheus, it has no way of stopping the fall)."

O-lin is saved.
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