Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Critical Mindset is right though.

Vergo actually fucking washes the Tobiroppos/Veterans.

I have no idea how these fodders got so overrated by the fanbase

Vergo/Smoker are both way stronger than clowns like Daifuku,Oven,Sasaki,Black Maria and so on.

They're closer to Jack/Cracker than they are to these weaklings.

Veterans are Robin/Franky/Brook lvl.
Zoro combined Kin’emon’s fire cutting style with his own 3 sword technique we saw in Fishman island. So Zoro can make ANY of his other techniques also cut fire

But now this is very interesting. Kin’emon’s fire style let’s him cut fire AND create fire. Does that mean Zoro can also create fire?

And if ALL of Zoro’s other attacks can now cut fire too, does that mean all his attacks can possibly CREATE FIRE too? Are we gonna see that Flaming Onigiri from Little garden as a regular technique?

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an idiot that I can take of in no time",
@sanjikun Except he DID NOT do that. In fact he even got a power up and STILL did not do that.
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