Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Gol D. Roger

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Some SHs will never surpass Vergo. Usopp and Nami for example.
I wouldn't bet on Chopper,Brook and Robin doing so either.
They must surpass him if they're gonna be stronger than every other Yonko crew.

They're also not going to surpass them in the next major arc. Most of them don't even have basic CoA.
Well, I did not say they surpassed them already but It's not impossible though; Franky fought on par with Luffy at W7 then Luffy went on to fight a guy 5 times stronger while Nami's opponent was pretty close to that of Franky in the very next arc. Luffy fought and defeated level 2 COA users before TS. Hell, he defeated awakening users without even knowing its definition.
Ofc they do they get a 1on1 with the Blackbeard pirates and every single member of BB>Vergo. You simple underestimate the Strawhats who get take experince with figthing Yonkou crew.
They cant even use haki.
Who said all of BB's crewmates>Vergo?

They must surpass him if they're gonna be stronger than every other Yonko crew.
Not really no since I believe Vergo would be Kaido's 4th subordinate and Luffy will have Zoro/Sanji/Jinbe/Yamato who are all > Vergo.
Bro its like people just ignore everything or read wothout context. Last chapter luffy says that they are humans we been hitting them eventually it will affect them. Kaido dodged an attack this chapter. That doesn't meang2>>>G4 bro Why is this so hard to understand its a child manga.

The accumulation of hits is starting to affect Kaido, so now he is dodging which before he wasn't dodging anything.
Well I had no proper context,seems fair.
SH's aren't gonna stay beneath Doffy family forever. Franky may not be stronger than or as strong as Vergo now but he should be a lot closer to him than what you seem to think. SH's rapidly grow stronger in accordance with the demand of the plot. If Franky is able to beat some high-ranking officer in a Yonko crew that means he grew stronger, not that his enemy is weaker than a guy who was stronger than Franky 5 arc ago.
the only ones who can beat Vegro are the top 4 of the SHP, vegro was being cocky against law for all we know and he low-mid diffed Smokey... Franky has his ways to go... vegro is someone who indented sold iron/steel with a shock wave.. Sasaki likewise shouldn't stand a chance against vegro, regardless of the hierarchy he is.

People are highly underestimating Vegro and doffy now... bruh
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