Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Yeah it's a move I think Oda would do

focus on how Luffy and Zolo helped in the fight and even saved the rest, then have Kidd betray them to make him look like a dick Wich is a major part of his personality

and it's not like he's gonna kill them, just send them away to have Kaido just for himself , there's no point in defeating Kaido if he's not gonna take the credit

SNs have been at each other throats throughout the arc, so this fit with what Oda trying to do , this is the only way he can focus on Kid and Killer powers too
Kidd is basically a friend at this point. He isn't betraying Luffy
its most likely that luffy hasn't used AcoA with his gear 4, but just brute strenght but idk if that is the case.. or just the fame aspect of red roc.... we might get Gear 5th: Blaze Man
I think Luffy can't use the 'ACoA/Haki flows' when he is using G4 (yet) that's why G4 is just brute force dmg.. the moment Luffy can do the ACoA in his G4, Kaido will be reminded of his oden ptsd again
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