Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Heavy Metal
Yeah I mean, in a distant future (4 rooftop chapters)
My suggestion for the final fight:

For now, Kid and Killer will stale Kaido for some time, cause Luffy and Zoro are kinda down right now or at least need a break. Marco comes top and heals them up, right in time when they need to switch with Kid and Killer. Then they will switch for 3-4 times, always a bit improving. But then Luffy tries to finish, goes full goat G4 and attacks. It doesnt went well, so he goes hakiless for a few minutes (less then 10). Zoro standing there alone against Kaido and right when Kaido goes all out on Zoro, he gets disturbed by still damaged Killer. So Zoro + Killer open the Scars of Kaido and buy the time for Luffy and Kid to get fit. Damaged Kaido is mad then, bleeding after the opened Scar and attacking Killer and Zoro, both heavily damaged and near death. And right when he wants to finish them off, he gets pushed back by CoC!

He looks up, madness in his face, pure hate.

In front of him, Luffy and Kid, both fit again.
"You are going down now."

Final phase, the end of Kaido.
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