Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Their powers work differently. Akainu's meigo was so lethal that removed a portion of WB head and it was a small, concentrated attack. On the other hand Akainu tanked a punch that split an island.

Their logias don't seem to be very suited for widespread distruction (at least Akainu and Aokiji) in the same vein of the Gura for example. But they excel in lethality. They were also countering each other in Punk Hazard so it makes sense to see a scenario like that.

They still split the island and permanently changed its climate, like FOREVER.
I call out a lot of people, they are already 6-7 people threadbanned for it. Trust me, i work on it. But i dont see everything happening. Therefor, please report them then. :)
I totally get it, Ill refrain from calling people names. Im not going to report it, toxicity comes with the territory, we have the summary and images section for people that want to enjoy the chapter as well.

This comments section will always be a double edged sword
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