Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Do you think that Mihawk is far above Zoro? I still belive there is a a good gap between the 2.
Which mean Shanks@Mihakw are moster to a different level.
They dont relay on devil power but pure hacky and raw fight experience.
I prefer that kind of character that have no extra super power (like df) but use will power to get stronger.
Mihawk will very likely have the biggest AP in the entire series due to being a normal human who just focused on maxing his swordman stats
Possibilities for how Big Mom is Saved:

1. Kaido Creates a Cloud & Saves her (Their Debt is settled)
2. Her Children were following the Island on Sea, so they see her Falling & Save her
3. She creates a New Homie & saves Herself (Finally learned after Falling multiple times)
4. She falls into the Sea & O-Lin is Back in Wano
5. Surprise Character appears & Saves her
6. Maybe Onigashima is already on Top of Wano so she Falls on Land
7. Due to Luck, she falls on the Piece of Horn that Zoro Destroyed
8. She isn't Saved, BM is dealt with until End of Wano
9. Something completely Unpredictable from Oda
It's #8 guaranteed. Sad end for Big Meme but Oda went too crazy with 2 yonkous so now he backtracks
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