Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Bigger then Onigashima, if this attack would land on Onigashima or on Zou/Dressrosa, it would complete destroy it, the shockwave himself was bigger as Onigashima, now imagine the impact... Zoro legit old down a large island lvl attack, perhaps even small country lvl if the attack would land on the island... Sengoku didn´t joke when he tell that Whitebeard was a danger for the world, ofc not destroying the world but he was most like able to destroy even large country, that is crazy asf...
So Zoro is stronger than Luffy then?
if he stand up he would say a shit like : thanks god I was using Haki to defend myself or some shit

taking a hit like that was too much for anyone ... and we can see a shit amount of top Haki form Kaido's weapon ... Luffy should stay down at least for a while ...

others should shine now
Dont understimate Zoro's endurance, this is only further proff as to why Zoro is an endurance monster and it should also shut the fuck up of any Luffy faboy saying Luffy has better endurance than Zoro just because of impel down, like i have seen many do here in the past.

That said, its obvious that he used haki to block that atack, it is by far the most destructive atack in the entirety of the series by far.
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