Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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By nerve gas, same with Sanji lol :suresure::suresure::suresure:

Facts is Sanji is jobbing to hot air balloon sized explosions means he would die to yonko combo attack :milaugh:gets pocket knife diffed by Grandmaster

Bandana Piece is all that matters :endthis:

Dome piece is where Sanji belongs and doesnt deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the grandmaster. Oda threw Sanji under the bus. Just face it and stop comparing the tgwo :saden:
You mean Sanji in Nami's body? You expect Nami to be power-house to fight the same? Zoro wasn't switched and yet Yeti Brothers K.O. easily :milaugh:.

Stop being salty because you guys are wrong on your side about Zoro in this chapter and how he would have die without Law saving him and '1 second' shows he would be destroy easily from the attack.

When you ready to talk facts, we can, but don't give BS out of insecurities :kayneshrug:.
Yup. Orochi is coming back again. And now we can rule out the Scabbards defeating him, since it would be repetitive if they fight him again. Momo and Hiyori have no chance....

Only one person left.:sadgrin: I just hope Orochi gets some hype...
I already said that Orochi still have one head left
And now he has to be worried and probably he will run away from the castle
Stop pussing your Zoro vs Orochi agenda
This chapter clears up couple of things, which I have been preaching for years:
1- The superiority of weaponized combat - Can you imagine a barehanded combatant standing in front of Hakai? Neither can I. :suresure:
2- Zoro's durability - top notch.
3- Zoro's endurance - top notch.
4- Zoro's reaction speed - top notch.
5- Zoro's physical strength - top notch.
When I say Zoro is a top tier, you say Yes, senpai. :myman:
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