Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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And those people who still think Katakuri > Zoro. I don't even have words to say to them, truly disgusting, or maybe Hakai was too strong it reached them through their screen and destroyed half of their brains ahaha. They've should have thanks Zoro's for delaying their headcanon's demise even if it was a moment.
My take on the Katakuri vs Zoro debate is that Zoro is much stronger than Katakuri but I still don't know how he'll counter Future sight. The only way Luffy countered it was by unlocking future sight himself. So I don't think that the debate is 'disgusting'. It's justifiable imo.
You mean Sanji in Nami's body? You expect Nami to be power-house to fight the same? Zoro wasn't switched and yet Yeti Brothers K.O. easily :milaugh:.

Stop being salty because you guys are wrong on your side about Zoro in this chapter and how he would have die without Law saving him and '1 second' shows he would be destroy easily from the attack.

When you ready to talk facts, we can, but don't give BS out of insecurities :kayneshrug:.
No it was Nami in Sanji's body. Sanji's leg were too weak to withstand power from hot air balloon sized explosions means this weak ass sissy should stay the fuck away from Bandana Pioece where we dont need a turd in the punchbowl for Zoro to babysit Sanji's weak ass when he already overprotects useless Midd and condom

Sanji is fodder that should stay in the dome with the hookers. Hope he gets laid. He cant fight
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