Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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True, but you got give props on them as after that attack, they talk about it like it was nothing, meaning they have more power to show. I don't think we even scratch the surface of what they fully capable of as they will show their full-on power in the series.
Technically the Hakai was an all out attack since they wanted to wipe out all 5 in one go


Lazy is the way
It's also a PK tier feat moment.
No, except if you think in 3 arcs Zoro will be God tier +

Zoro alone was able to stop (albeit only for a brief moment) the ultimate attack of two Yonkou:
Still not the ultimate attack when we are only at the early middle of the fight. Kaido and BM have other things in stock 100%.

Hakai was a combination attack of two full-power Yonkou in their strongest forms
You think they don't have awakening ? Yonko ?

So it's a good feat for Zoro but don't overhype it
One piece community, one question:
"Could the rooftop team save Ace in Marineford"?
We have Kaido,Big mom, Luffy,Zoro,Kid,Law and Killer.
We're talking about near admiral level folks.. with kid and luffy with law already in the Low admiral level tier with durability, strength and strategic mindset.

together they can clap any ones cheeks
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