Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Kidd : Punk Pistols!!

Big Mom : What ? You think you can do something to me ... even if you removed them from me ?

Big Mom : A familiar face!

Big Mom : ?!
Kidd : "Repel"!
Law : "Tact"
Big mom : !!

Big Mom : Idiots! As if some rocks gonna hit me ...!
Big Mom : What ?

Big Mom : Shit!! There is the sea below, come save me Zeus !!
Zeus : Mama!

Law : I won't let you getting help!
Zoro : *Cough up blood*
Law : One removed!

Narrator : *Mom to the sea!*
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Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything

Kaido : Ragnarok!!

Zoro : Huff Huff ... !!

Big Mom : ?!

Kidd : I did it!
Law : Room!

Law : Shambles!

Big Mom : What they are doing ?
Big Mom : Hum ? Zeus ?

Zeus : Wha!! where am I ?

Killer : Can you do it Roronoa ?
Zoro : There is no alternative, i must go!

Big Mom : *fall*
Prometheus : Ahh!
Zoro : I won't let you the opportunity to come back to her!
Zoro : Homurasaki ! Rokudo no Tsuji!
Prometheus : Guaah ...

Napoleon : Gyaa!! Stop it! I'm just a simple sword!

Big Mom : Guys!!

Zeus/Prometheus/Napoleon : Mama, help us!!
Gotta say, and I hope people don't take this the wrong way due to my bias of wanting a true swordsman fight, but IF Zoro and the rest (for now) get fucked up by Kaido and the war starts to get worse for the alliance, I hope that a damaged Zoro has his fight with King.

Yes at this point there's probably zero merit for it, and we also have to see what happens with Sanji/Yamato/Chopper, but it would be awesome if Kaido's right hand became a nuisance at the worst time and Zoro is forced to hold him off because of it.

We'll see, I doubt it's happening but it'd be cool nonetheless to give him a definitive matchup because it'll be pretty obvious that a least for some time, Luffy will hog up a few big moments with Kaido

I'm ready to be flamed now:kayneshrug:
I think this chapter might've negatively affected the probability of ZKK happening. Like, Zoro looks pretty injured at the end of the chapter and we know that he has to give Kaido a deep cut. I don't know if he has the energy to do both, at least logically speaking. Nonetheless, Zoro is the MVP this chapter aside from Kaido.
The opposite. I'd say he's more likely to take a back step now and show up later in the fight big time.
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