Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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btw it never said a second
momentarily is more precise
he cant block it completely without at least taking damage
these are two top tiers

I have no doubt in my mind now placing him with some yonko right hand calibre people.

luffy should be fucked up
but ryou is such a buff
kaido now has to dodge a red hawk
the same one doffy tanked. amazing .
base isnt useless anymore . As I said before g4 is a finishing form.

Killer good job on napoleon

law is a crucial support and strategy character here but I fear his attacks dont do a lot to damage either yonko significantly. maybe gamma knife could work now kaido's in hybrid?
but I doubt that as well.

great job on kidd taking the hit
tho he shouldnt be hurt too bad.
I think the latter 3 will take on kaido now while the other 2 rest.
Now that we know Zoro is the official ENDURANCE GOD again (after East Blue of him already endured Mihawk's Yoru attack and only seeing the injury made Arlong shitted his pants; and Thriller Bark incident where Zoro kept standing while Luffy already passed out since beginning and Sanji was KOed by sword hilt). (I was kinda pessimistic with whole Endurance God thing after Oda went full mentally deranged with Kamazo scene)

Now that ENDURANCE GOD is back, Endurance God that ate Indra and Hakai but still not going down... I am thinking about putting him in handicapped match
a. Post TS Zoro vs whole New Fishman Pirates full steroids
b. Post TS Zoro vs Ceasar Clown, Vergo, Monet, Baby 5, Buffalo and all of Ceasar's goons
c. Post TS Zoro vs Doffy, Pica, Trebol, Diamante
d. Same as C but add all normal executives: Dellinger, Lao G, Machvise, Senor Pink etc
e. Post TS Zoro vs all post TS Straw Hats (no Jinbe)

All are straight from timeskip version, means Zoro doesn't have Enma but has Shusui and Luffy still has Dressrosa level Gear 4 time limit and Sanji is still Sanji not Judge's son.

Can Zoro clear all 5 rounds? He is healed to 100% after every round.
I think Zoro will have some difficulty starting round C. But again he is Endurance God who ate Indra and Hakai but still standing. While post WCI Luffy already slept to 1 Thunder Bagua. So yeah, no one in 5 rounds will have enough AP to actually KO the Endurance God.
@HA001 @Cinera etc.
Its not, Luffy never trained so much since he was a little kid. All he did was train for 2 weeks and SH jump powerlevels in short periods of time. Explain to me how Luffy went from east blue to be PK in 2 years. SH jump powerlevels fast, actually most Shonen main characters jump. Naruto was some kind of god in 2 years and a half.
Thank goodness Zoro has grown from training since losing to Yeti Cool Brothers, he really must have been a weak fucker back then.
Luffy's loss to Kaido was hype and not an accurate portrayal of Luffy's or Kaido's actual strength.
Sorry but no he is better at skywalk as Oda makes note to emphasise their difference in power

see same sfx but Vergo has exclamation marks which Sanji does not have, meaning Oda highlights Vergo as more powerful (remember he needs to catch up with Law). Even when Sanji is powered up by DJ he doesnt have better skywalk than Vergo. (Vergo hovers like a flying saucer, he is extremely skilled flyer)
Crit. I said Vergo is better than sanji in everything including sky walk which means Vergo's mastery over sky walk technique is better than simpji's one :nicagesmile:
you can see the anime version it showed it better :blobdj:
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Just a Reminder:
Mihawk have Best Swordsmanship + Strongest Sword + Fully Mastered CoA

Zoro's Performance against Two Yonko shows why Mihawk is Bored & became a Farmer
He is most probably Akira's Character & Oda asked to borrow him to Hype Shanks a little

Only biased sweaty boys like Erkan and nay sayers believe otherwise.

Mihawk is Zoro's end game.

Kizaru/Gandhi/kaido will be hard but Mihawk is his main goal.
Because Zoro stans want him to be stronger than the MC.
There's really no need for that
he will remain close
but he doesnt need to be stronger
he wouldnt follow someone who is weaker than him....

he is strong enough to have his own crew and be a threat on his own
the unique thing about this dynamic is someone like him followed an even stronger person.
Jozu can block the combo attack of BM and Kaidou and he is only YC3. so zoro could just be yc3

Zunisha's attack on Jack was also on par wiht this one, and jack yc3.

Going as back as pEll, the nuked he survived was on this level too. yet he is low tier
Jozu would get killed by this attack, he is not above Luffy who would get killed to by these attack. Second even if he has the diamond power, the attack of BM+Kaido would still kill him, their attack had the potency to destroy a whole island, what is diamond to a whole island?

Second,Zunisha attack is fodder lvl to compare it to BM+Kaido attack who would one shot zunisha easily with that op attack.

Not a single high tier would survive that shit. What Zoro do was really impressive, taking a nuke who was large island lvl a head, stop downplay the feat.


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It was 54 hits not a hundred lol. But given that Luffy has tanked multiple hits from hybrid Kaido and shows no signs of slowing, Kuri’s AP isn’t looking so bad. Lol
Nah. Base Kaido oneshot a Luffy that defeated Kata with a Thunder Bagua. Current Luffy is stronger than the version that fought Kata (Udon training + Ryuo training + just getting stronger in between islands + determination to beat Kaido). Katakuri's AP still sucks (relative to his tier) when you consider that.

Awakening + ultimate finisher or something like that.
Eh, we'll see. The shockwave from Zoro blocking Hakai has a radius in the tens of kilometres:

Papa Zoro carried them so hard this chapter his back broke, so ZKK is off the table now.
The Grandmaster

They aren't
No fucking way Kid is tanking a punch from Angry WB and smiling.
No fucking way Luffy tanks 3 hits from angry WB like he is in this chap and living.
  • Kaido already oneshot Pre Udon Boundman with a Base Thunder Bagua.
    • Whitebeard needed two strikes for the much weaker John Giant.
    • Current Luffy is simply that much stronger than his early Wano self.
  • Luffy only tanked one attack from Kaido and it was the nameless club strike.
    • He dodged the mouth beam.
    • We don't see him again in the chapter after Three Worlds Ragnarok; he may have been temporarily KOed.
  • As for Kidd and Mama, Kidd just took a normal punch from Mama (no hardening) and without any of her homies.


Kitetsu Wanker
In any case, Zoro is exponentially becoming stronger in this fight, it is not only luffy having this gift.
He isnt becoming exponentially stronger, he is just showing what he is already capable of. Dont mix those two.
There is no growth in this fight, yet. This is what is required for Zoro to show him limits.
This is the same Zoro that we have seen on Fishman Island.
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