Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Jozu would get killed by this attack, he is not above Luffy who would get killed to by these attack. Second even if he has the diamond power, the attack of BM+Kaido would still kill him, their attack had the potency to destroy a whole island, what is diamond to a whole island?

Second,Zunisha attack is fodder lvl to compare it to BM+Kaido attack who would one shot zunisha easily with that op attack.

Not a single high tier would survive that shit. What Zoro do was really impressive, taking a nuke who was large island lvl a head, stop downplay the feat.
please, jozu didn't get cut by the WSS himself, but this attack that is like the yonkou version of swordman air slash would kl him?

this is clearly based on droggy and broggy that used this to cut some fish.

whole island thing is not impresive when even doflamingo that was yc3 could make island level attacks. even pica could maybe control island level rocks.

zunisha is not fodder lol, he 1 shot yc3, something only top tiers can do. zunisha is top tier

tell me one ranged atatck in one piece that killed someone, just one.
Marco, Katakuri, King, Benn Beckman and Shiryuu have nothing that suggests they can stop Hakai for however long, or have an attack on the calibre of Hiryuu Kaen.
I personally think that Beckman has that kind of hype around him to be able to do that. He seems to be more of a partner to Shanks than his underling.
Remind me again was Luffy teleported back pre udon or did he take the attack directly to the skull?
Also the ohko was PIS to set up the drama, just like the yeti cool brothers, as has been exposed with Luffy tanking multiple direct attacks throughout the battle.
What was pis ? He'd still get knocked the fuck out if it connects with him.
No the Yeti Cool Brothers isn't a fight like apoo koing luffy stop talking shit cause oda continues to expose your bullshit.
He isnt becoming exponentially stronger, he is just showing what he is already capable of. Dont mix those two.
There is no growth in this fight, yet. This is what is required for Zoro to show him limits.
This is the same Zoro that we have seen on Fishman Island.
Yeah you right, so far Zoro didnt get pushed to his limit so this was actually his current level (we can say that Enma training made him more used to control hacky). What I mean is that from now on, Zoro will have this hacky bloom, he was in an extreme situation, this situation push your line of limit to an other level (it is like dragon Ball, Sayan that are in situation where they can die, and survive they become way stronger) and that works also for One Piece. Rayleigh explained that to Luffy.

Expect a hacky bloom from Zoro very soon.


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Curious what happens now though. Does he recover fast enough? Does he get a moment with Kaido now or later? Does a calamity come up and give him a high diff moment while he's weak? So many possibilities atm
Isn't Law a doctor??? Can he do something to help him recover real fast.
King has to deal with Marco and Queen has his hands full with Chopper and most likely Drake.
Zoro might not be all that injured for all we know. I have seen him cough up blood a lot of times and still manage to fight and defeat his opponents.
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