Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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please, jozu didn't get cut by the WSS himself, but this attack that is like the yonkou version of swordman air slash would kl him?
Because Mihawk didn´t use his higher end attacks, probably just a welcome attack to Whitebeard not less.
The attack with we see in this chapter could destroy the whole island, that is beyond Jozu lvl.

this is clearly based on droggy and broggy that used this to cut some fish.
This is not a cut ability, more like a big shockwave attack who destroy anything with cross their path.

whole island thing is not impresive when even doflamingo that was yc3 could make island level attacks. even pica could maybe control island level rocks.
Doffy never neverr make any island lvl attacks, Birdcage is just a big range skill who cut off the surface with a huge timelap, Doffy strongest attack couldn´t even destroy a mountain as example to show the gap(Flap thread just make a small hole into the mountain).
So nope Doffy is not at that lvl via AP. Pica punch also not, he was just a mountain lvl who is far left from large island lvl. Both characters are fodder for the attack with BM+Kaido show up.

zunisha is not fodder lol, he 1 shot yc3, something only top tiers can do. zunisha is top tier
Base Kaido do the same against stronger character(Sulong Inu/Neko), beside Zunisha isn´t even half impressive as Kaido+BM comboo attack, Zunisha would get vaporized if he would dare to stop the attack of BM+Kaido.

tell me one ranged atatck in one piece that killed someone, just one.
This is not just a ranged attack, it has both range/destructive/lethal power behind the attack, it would kill of all supernova at once if Zoro didn´t stop the attack, that is beyond anything with we see so far, even Whitebeard Gura power who was blocked by the three Admirals was not at that lvl.. It would kill anyone who come across the attack(at least all high tiers, low top tiers probably too).


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Yes and it was utter cap. Hence why he can't even 8 shots Luffy now.
It was just an inconsistency lol, like Kamazou or the Yeti Cool Brothers one shotting Zoro.
My interpretation is simply that Luffy grew that much stronger. Kaido oneshotting Luffy was depicted as an incredible gap in raw might between them, and we had Luffy train for several weeks to overcome that gap. There was nothing inconsistent about it.
  • Yeti Cool Brothers
    • Zoro and the others were done in by sleeping gas, it wasn't a powerscaling moment.
  • Kamazou
    • Zoro had been going hungry for a while and had previously been eating poisoned food for several weeks.
      • Zoro fainting was attributed to his hunger and poisoning with Oda drawing attention to it before he fainted.
    • Both Killer and Zoro consider Zoro the winner of their battle.
      • It is not regarded as a double KO by either of the participants of the battle.
    • It allowed Oda to set up the storyline of Zoro meeting Hiyori.

Kaido can’t really one shot Luffy since Haki-less Luffy tanked hybrid Kaido multiple times.
Nope. Hakiless Luffy was getting babysat by Zoro. By the time Chapter 1008 began, Luffy had long since regained his haki, and the Supernova had been fighting Hybrid Kaido and Prometheus fused Mama for several tens of minutes to a few hours.

I've already told you this though, so stop peddling the lie.

Kaido’s AP is trash and he simply got in a lucky hit is all.
No Luffy isn't stronger to the point where he can take 10+ attacks from Yonko while a single one oneshotted him.
Luffy has grown substantially stronger since Udon.
  • Growth between islands
  • Udon training
  • Ryuo training
  • Determination and resolve to beat Kaido
  • Protagonist boost

Bigmom was pissed off, her normal punch was an angry one, if WB punches Kid like this he's done for.
  • It was a punch with physical strength alone
  • A weaker Mama using strength alone two shot a YC 2
  • WB can't KO Kidd without his DF

He blocked it with hardening (and maybe barrier Ryuo):

He dodged it:

We don't see him again in the chapter after the attack, he may have been temporarily knocked out:
Zolo tards think those feats actually have merits and Oda planned that Zolo is OP from the get go lmao

fucking G4 Luffy was one shoted by base Kaido, and now he will survive a hit from Hybrid Kaido in base

the plot decide how strong characters are, just like in Fairy tails, there's no power scaling in One Piece

Blother Fertitta

I want Luffy to defeat her but she looks unbeatable in a fight ngl. I am still waiting for someone to draw a single drop of blood. I am starting to believe Oda has no idea how to defeat her without turning her into a meme.
Luffy will 1v1 Meme. Whether it's this arc or the next. It will happen.
She will get the Don Chinjao treatment and be friends with the strawhats.

Katakuri will move onwards to rival Luffy.
Katakuri Pirates will assist Luffy in the final war.
Katakuri will get haki boost + Top Tier Recognition.
Katakuri Pirates will be to Strawhats what the WB pirates was to Roger.
just wanted to say Zolo and Erza comparison was always accurate

and Zolo latest feat prove it, both characters show feats that doesn't make any sense because the author is concerned about making them look cool more than he's concerned with good writing

both shit characters that can't be taken seriously for the same reason
I dont know about zoro, but erza made no sense whatsoever
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