Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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If Oda turns Big Mom into an ally cos he has no legitimate way of defeating her. I am defintely putting her over Kaido:zosleepy:
"If it's a one on one, Big Mom will always win"
Nah, that's just Oda's sexism. It's not that Mama is too strong, it's that Oda is far too chauvinistic to draw our protagonists beating up and bloodying a woman.

Zoro blocked the attack that's why the hakai exploded and couldn't continue his path. That's also why Zoro is wounded af.
It's exploded in diagonal and not straight/ horizontally.

@nik87 @Cinera @Marimo_420 @Sentinel @playa4321 @Peroroncino @Enma @Zowo what you think ?
Yeah, this seems accurate. The Hakai was travelling in a straight line, but Zoro blocked it and deflected it upwards.

Technically his subordinate hurt Kaido (with sound) so I can't see him nor also being able to hurt him
Killer did hurt Kaido, and the damage was enough to daze him a bit, but Kaido reacted by calling it merely "vexing":

On the other hand, when Zoro cut Kaido with Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki, Killer, Mama and Kaido's own reactions showed that Zoro dealt proper damage:
  • Killer expresses surprise that Zoro cut Kaido:
  • Mama is surprised at Zoro cutting Kaido:
  • Kaido commented that "it hurts":

Or how even though Hiryuu Kaen missed, it was made clear that had it landed it would have dealt serious damage:

  • It was so potent that it terrified Big Mom (a top tier swordsman in her own right, and along with Kaido one of the most durable characters in the series). It compelled Big Mom to warn Kaido to dodge:
    • This is the only attack on the Rooftop that Mama warned Kaido to dodge.
  • Just witnessing Zoro prepare the attack had Kaido shook:
  • After Kaido successfully dodged the attack, Mama chastised him for greatly underestimating Zoro:

Oda has spent 5 Rooftop chapters emphasising that only Luffy and Zoro can properly damage Kaido, I am sceptical that it will change this late in the game.
Only sanji fans can look at a scene where zoro ignores being stabbed in the chest, flexes his muscles and killer is too weak to pull his weapon out, and then he one shots killer before taking a nap because he's hungry and say Liller looked like anything but a jobber
Na killer also was missing his main weapon otherwise it would have taken zoro longer to beat him.

And he is willer right now

casual penetrating kaido with his sonic attacks, speed blitzing big mam, he is surviving in a place where the likes of sanji/Jimbei would get one shot.


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Zoro blocked the attack that's why the hakai exploded and couldn't continue his path. That's also why Zoro is wounded af.
It's exploded in diagonal and not straight/ horizontally.

@nik87 @Cinera @Marimo_420 @Sentinel @playa4321 @Peroroncino @Enma @Zowo what you think ?
Plausible that the damage was fundamentally caused by an explosion.

Zoro blocked the attack diverting its direction, but an explosion was spot in the overall same location where Zoro was standing.


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Okay. So I read and looked through the images.
And I think we can form two perspectives on this, where both of us can be right.

From your perspective Luffy is not teaming up with the others despite the rest going play by play to handicap Big Mom.
From my perspective, Kaido is still a massive threat on the board someone needs to check. And Luffy becomes the bait, while the other four work on Big Mom. Since there was no initial vocal game plan, I'm going to assume Luffy already knew what to do.
  • Just like in Oden Castle, Luffy knew exactly when to separate from the strawhats and RS and be bait for Kaido.
  • And just like wen Luffy went alone to the mirror World taking Katakuri to let the crew escape.
From your perspective Luffy is dumb for not following their plan.
From my perspective Luffy bought them that plan and it worked because Kaido was distracted. Just like how BM and Kaido working together dodged Zoros attack.

You think Luffy is dumb for this.
And I think Luffy is big brained for this.

We have different perspectives and biases, I guess.
I consider the Doflamingo fight, when Law complained about Luffy just deciding things on his own.
Doesn't matter if Luffy is 'big brained".
We have 5 people that are not used to fight alongside each other, except in some pairs, but Luffy is acting like they will already know what to do by following his lead.
Now, Oda CAN make they all fight quite nicely together and don't address this issue at all, which seems to be the way he is doing things right now, but I was expecting something a little bit more elaborate from this fight.
If Luffy would SCREAM for them to deal with BM, while jumping at Kaido, it wouldn't make a difference from the Yonkos' persperctive, since they legit believe the SN's aren't more than a nuisance. But it would make a world of difference for us to see ALL 5 of them doing things in order to achieve success.
Aggroing 1 enemy, while the rest of the team focus fire the other, is a valuable thing to do, I would actually rate it as THE MOST significant contribution, above even the "attack delay" from Zoro, but the "intent" is pivotal for me to actually think like that.
The "Roof 5" are not the "Batman Family" that is used to fighting together everyday and dont need to communicate during a fight, because they are all in sync.
We see that the 4 actually talk to each other and make a plan. Luffy is the ONLY one who doens't. Serious. A mere SCREAM would have made a world of difference here.
As things stand, I would love for Kaido to drop Luffy from the dome and he gets trapped fighting BM on a 1v1, while we ACTUALLY have a PROPER team fight on the roof with the remaining 4 against Kaido.


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Aside from gag panels, when he is talking with the sword on his mouth, doesn't he usually not open it that much?
Nah. I think you're right. Was a little confused there because the mouth was REALLY wide open, and the sword seemed to be dropping.
Next page the sword is back to his mouth.

But Law still saved him, because the ground is still completely destroyed. If the attack was sent in the "diagonal" like some are saying, it wouldn't have destroyed the ground like it was a straight line.
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