Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Real talk.

What King's fight does for Zoro aside from the feat of beating the commander while injured?

Zoro's ap will soon be off the charts for his current level.

King is probably a mediocre swordsman at best.

You expect King to give Zoro some kind of Rapier alike PVP?
Probably saying that since it makes no sense for no one to go to the roof after recent events. Especially king and queen.

Unless you guys are willing to start saying sanji vs king then zoro vs king will never end especially since zoro is badly hurt and coughing up blood


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Unless you guys are willing to start saying sanji vs king then zoro vs king will never end especially since zoro is badly hurt and coughing up blood
I don't care much.

It's pretty much established that near-death experience is where ur Haki blooms the most.

Zoro would just walk by King because he know he is needed on the roof or wherever Kaido is.
Nah. I think you're right. Was a little confused there because the mouth was REALLY wide open, and the sword seemed to be dropping.
Next page the sword is back to his mouth.

But Law still saved him, because the ground is still completely destroyed. If the attack was sent in the "diagonal" like some are saying, it wouldn't have destroyed the ground like it was a straight line.
Here it kinda looks like went diagonally.
better use wano map to scale oni, or at least mountains on top of skull (from numbers height)

no way is oni some 5-10km, its destroy whole arc logic and maps
It make sense, no way Onigashima is smaller then Zou who is wide 10km.
As example the Skull is already huge, it also have many mountains around the area, in map as compare it was half big as udon a whole region. Wano as country himself is a huge country.
Zolo tards think those feats actually have merits and Oda planned that Zolo is OP from the get go lmao. fucking G4 Luffy was one shoted by base Kaido, and now he will survive a hit from Hybrid Kaido in base.the plot decide how strong characters are, just like in Fairy tails, there's no power scaling in One Piece
These are the sentiments of someone whose Head-canons are shattered and pulverized by Oda.
Take a break from OP dude, you seem quite bitter and salty. Come back when you understand

Zoro blocked the attack that's why the hakai exploded and couldn't continue his path. That's also why Zoro is wounded af.
It's exploded in diagonal and not straight/ horizontally.

@nik87 @Cinera @Marimo_420 @Sentinel @playa4321 @Peroroncino @Enma @Zowo what you think ?
I check it up and it continue the path, you can see the explosion himself draw out the island himself.
As example, Law and co escape and Law use shembles to teleport Zoro out of the way, the supernova stand in other place, while the path where hakai was used destroyed anything away. Big mom and Kaido try to attack in a diagonal version since they probably know it would destroy the island if they attack in other way. As I see in the picture, the explosion happen after Zoro leave the via Law room, with means Zoro could stop the shockwave power long enough until he get moved away and then it explodet, if you ask me it is really a crazy feat.
In case he block legit a large island lvl attack, if he didn´t do it, all supernova would be dead.....


Oda's accuser
Remember when some said Zoro is one of the weaker supernova? Now we are here. This goat carry the roof fight!!!
If Zoro is one of the weaker Supernovae then the strongest ones would potentially trascend God Tier since Zoro is already proving more and more to be a solid Top Tier.
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