Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Imagine Zoro mid diffing King after taking the Hakai. Lmao
This is what would happen.

People think that Zoro would have a hard time with King especially after his feats from the roof.

Majority of people who want Zoro vs King now are either Sanji fans who want Zoro vs King because that means Sanji fights Queen and they have their headcanon of Sanji being only this low behind Zoro or non-believers.

Inside the castle!

BP 1 : Stop the fire!
BP 2 : Put out the fire! Water!
BP 3 : It burns!

Kinemon : Orochi!
Orochi : Kinemon
Fukurokuju : Orochi-sama! ... They don't know that you already died once!

Fukurokuju : Please move from here, i will ...
Orochi : As if it's possible .. if i go back, i will face many ennemies! Also those ones were severely injured by kaido!
Orochi : Gwa Gwa Gwa!! You people who never die from the Kouzuki clan, were you surprised ? By the Kanjuro's incident ?

Orochi : Me too, I was surprised ! Kyoushirou!! Gwa! Let's get rid of this confusing situation!

Orochi : I am not afraid of facing injured people like you!
Orochi : I will eat all of you!! To think i was afraid during 20 years by ghosts ...
Orochi : Stupi ...!!!
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