Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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That's true, he won't get that level of importance as he isn't a major enemy. But that doesn't necessarily have to take away anything from his strength. I really don't think Oda is done with him yet and that he 'isn't worth anybody's time' who's on the rooftop.
Sure, but we will never get to know King's strength since he will never get that level of importance. His "strength" will just be based on the hypothetical ideas of the "YC1/2/3" branch of powerscaling, which for the most part sucks.


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Zoro blocked the attack that's why the hakai exploded and couldn't continue his path. That's also why Zoro is wounded af.
It's exploded in diagonal and not straight/ horizontally.

@nik87 @Cinera @Marimo_420 @Sentinel @playa4321 @Peroroncino @Enma @Zowo what you think ?
Now that I realize it, did Zoro redirect the attack? Instead of going horizontally it did a diagonal.
Yep. Zoro changed the trajectory. Let's analyse the Hakai scene in detail to break down exactly what happened and how it happened:

Mama and Kaido prepare their attack, while Luffy warns the others that a massive attack is incoming:
Luffy : Hoi! a big one is coming!
Mama and Kaido launch the attack and it's shown to have a straight horizontal trajectory directly for the Supernova:
Big Mom / Kaido : Hakai!
Killer and Zoro comment that it is impossible to dodge the attack (likely because its AOE is far too large, as opposed to the attack simply being too fast):
Zoro : This one ... it's not possible!

Killer : It's impossible, we can't dodge this one!

So let's go over what we have here:
  • The Supernova could not dodge the attack
    • This is despite Luffy forewarning them that a massive attack was inbound
    • This is despite Zoro and Killer having enough time to comment on how the attack was unavoidable
  • I think the reason is that the attack was simply too large for them to move out of its way
    • It wasn't that they couldn't react to it, but that because it was a literal column of destruction, there was no where to dodge to.
Zoro then blocks the attack, and we see a massive shockwave (and what might be a large haki barrier :shocking:)?

The Yonkou are shocked that someone could stop their combination technique:
Kaido : Hmm ?
Big Mom : !!!
Zoro holds back the attack for a good while having a full conversation with the rest of the Supernova:
Zoro : Run away guys!!
Luffy : Zoro !

Zoro : You will be annihilated!
(While all of this is happening, Zoro is coughing up blood, showing that he's feeling the full impact of the attack).

We see the Supernova get out of the way, meanwhile, Zoro is still blocking:

The attack overpowers Zoro's block and explodes, but by that point, the trajectory had been shifted upwards and away from the other Supernova:

The aftermath of the attack reinforces that its initial trajectory was horizontal:

Mama and Kaido later comment on how it was impressive that the Supernova could escape:
Kaido : The voices don't disappear ...
Big Mom : Did they managed to escape ? impressive!

My conclusions:
  • Zoro held back Hakai for several seconds
    • While holding it back, he felt the full impact of the technique
  • He was able to alter the trajectory and deflect the attack, preventing it from hitting the rest of the Rooftop Five
    • If I'm right, the anime should demonstrate this as well, but I think current panels already show it.
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The strongest attack in the series up to this point.

People may argue Heaven and Earth but I think Heaven and Earth was more aoe impressive rather than actual damage.

It destroyed buildings and fodders but stronger characters were okay. They just felt like being flipped 360.
Yeah that attack has more aoe but not that much useful when fighting strong combatants
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