Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Zoro used barrier COA to block Hakai. That's what you see here:
bro... that shock /impact isn't even on the rooftop where zoro is...he did use haki but he got overwhelmed in mere seconds he even leaves the grip on wado in the panel right after that.. he gave up on holding the attack... what u see is the impact of the attack on the island my guy
Is Kaido and Zoro both using attacks referencing Buddhism =>
Zoro : Homurasaki ! Rokudo no Tsuji!
Kaido : "Kousanze" ( "Trailokyavijaya Vidya-raja, the Conqueror of the three worlds")
Gentlemen, we are witnessing the battle of Asuras and Devas

Zoro really saying he's the only one able to withstand Hakai even for the brief moments that he did :steef::steef::steef:
He is the toughest strawhat for a reason :finally:

"These supernova vs yonko chapters are the worst part of wano" some reddit comment :kobeha:
lmfaoooo, Probably fans of Rebecca and Chopper
Yep. Zoro changed the trajectory. Let's analyse the Hakai scene in detail to break down exactly what happened and how it happened:

Mama and Kaido prepare their attack, while Luffy warns the others that a massive attack is incoming:

Mama and Kaido launch the attack and it's shown to have a straight horizontal trajectory directly for the Supernova:

Killer and Zoro comment that it is impossible to dodge the attack (likely because its AOE is far too large, as opposed to the attack simply being too fast):

So let's go over what we have here:
  • The Supernova could not dodge the attack
    • This is despite Luffy forewarning them that a massive attack was inbound
    • This is despite Zoro and Killer having enough time to comment on how the attack was unavoidable
  • I think the reason is that the attack was simply too large for them to move out of its way
    • It wasn't that they couldn't react to it, but that because it was a literal column of destruction, there was no where to dodge to.
Zoro then blocks the attack, and we see a massive shockwave (and what might be a large haki barrier :shocking:)?

The Yonkou are shocked that someone could stop their combination technique:

Zoro holds back the attack for a good while having a full conversation with the rest of the Supernova:

(While all of this is happening, Zoro is coughing up blood, showing that he's feeling the full impact of the attack).

We see the Supernova get out of the way, meanwhile, Zoro is still blocking:

The attack overpowers Zoro's block and explodes, but by that point, the trajectory had been shifted upwards and away from the other Supernova:

The aftermath of the attack reinforces that its initial trajectory was horizontal:

Mama and Kaido later comment on how it was impressive that the Supernova could escape:

My conclusions:
  • Zoro held back Hakai for several seconds
    • While holding it back, he felt the full impact of the technique
  • He was able to alter the trajectory and deflect the attack, preventing it from hitting the rest of the Rooftop Five
    • If I'm right, the anime should demonstrate this as well, but I think current panels already show it.

There is no trajectory change.

The attack exploded if it was a trajectory change then it would have all went to the sky but it didn’t because it exploded.

You can see in the panel that the attack is going to the ground but also going up which means it exploded
You can see in the panel that the attack is going to the ground but also going up which means it exploded
There’s a ring of energy that explodes outwards when it hits Zoro

we’ve seen what Elba spear looks like when you don’t stop it, it keeps going... That thing would’ve crossed the entire skull and gone off into the air but it didn’t. Got blocked and that’s the ring of energy you see around it
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