Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Don't you think Three-World Ragnarok was a high-end move? Hakai seemed to be much stronger despite that.
Maybe, i said he would start using more and more powerful moves and there is nothing that indicates im wrong tbh. Ragnarock is stronger than Bagua by a long shot imo.

Look at that Haki. And i think he'll ramp things up the more he gets pushed, right now he isn't really getting pushed much.

All things considered he's pretty much in good shape.
@Cinera It is never ever confirmed that permanent freezing/volcano is awakening.......thats just fan idea........show me a panel of it being called as awakening..........aokiji can instantly freeze huge body of water.......and akainu also has good range.......in 10 days akainu can easily transform the island into volcanos..........akainu could have when jimbei was running with luffy........

Not every df user has awakening.........akainu makes sense being one of the final villain kizaru maybe/maybe not.........BM doesn't seemed to have awakening/ WB didn't.........kaido is also not confirmed to be an awakened zoan user.......

Also, note how Sanji blocked King's kick with his outstretched leg but King applied so much force that Sanji had to bend his leg to stall with the knee (resulting in great discomfort -> "urgh!!").
So saying "urgh" is struggling now ?

How would that even be possible lmao. Now you making your own shit up lol.

Truth is Sanji easily blocked King and then ignored him to praise an 8 year old. That's how much Sanji didn't give a flying shit about Base King.
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