Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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I think Kaido vs Law, Killer and Kid will happen onwards. Kaido will take Law and Killer out while Luffy or Zoro step in when someone is about to get killed.

Also, can we please get this Onigashima dropping on the capital plot over with ?
Zoro and luffy aren’t out.

We go through this almost every roof chapter. It’s a 17 page chapter week to week Odas not gonna waste time showing luffy getting up after kaidos attack.

it’s still a 5v1.

When someone gets taken out Oda will be clear on it
Combining an island attack +, while keeping an island in the air and moving it to the capital, it is as if KAIDO "almost" made / performed two island level attacks at the same time.:catblush::catblush: And counting on his huge list of tank blows, and the energy expenditure of his HAKAI and his DF, with the island, he still hasn't even made a "HUFF".


@Bogard time to make a Zoro-Kaido parallel thread. I remember you made one for Zoro-Whitebeard parallels to piss off Law fans, lmao
That was the best Zoro thread Bogard ever published, only casuals that believed in those wack parallels had a problem with it.

After that you can create a Big Mom-Law parallel thread to make @ZenZu and @Haoshoku happy :kayneshrug:
Hell naw...

Law is his own unique character man doesn’t have any parallels let alone any with the Meme.
Pretty obvious big mom is not going into the sea considering Oda didn’t show us the sea probably because they are above land rn.
Maybe she lands in Hakumai. While going to the flower capital she meets the marines. The marines came through the secret entry because Drake told them that. The Big Mom pirates also arrive and then we have a epic clash in Hakumai
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