Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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I see you're still bitching.
You realize this is a manga catered to the 12-15 Year Old demographic right?
That's why "feats and portrayals" and even the narrative are "dumbed down" and written in an expressive, over the top, and exaggerative manner.
What's crazy is you taking it to heart.. You wanna read something with correct character progression, accurate development, and motifs/themes/uncontrived plots, go read some fucking Classical Fiction. Nobody give a fuck about that shit over here.

We're here for a good time not a long time..
as expected immediately changed your point like the idiot you are

my point was people saying Oda planned Zolo to be this strong from the beginning are dumb, idk much how Oda handle power scaling since obviously the fights in this manga are garbage

and even tho idk much, what you describing also apply to stuff like fairy tail , the problem is not in the simplicity it's in the lazy and dumb writing , some people don't mind it wich is fine , but the comparison between FT and OP is definitely there and I only pointed it out
And lemme get this straight, idc what others from the fan club i affiliate with say... i have disagreed with @Chrono in many occasions and even he knows that.. but at the end we settle it in peace.. but bruh i Also agree with zoro fan club members with some of what they say the likes of @Cinera and with @Blother and it usually ends up with no friction... but certain people from that fanclub do tend to be provocative just saying

edit: not fake more like dead center between the 2 fanclubs but Sanji FC is wholesome and that and Kid FC ig is where i am if i am in a FC
Ok my bad then


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭

Though to be fair most of the fight was focused on Kaido with Meme interfering from time to time but Medium diff is the correct way to scale things.
While Kaido took most of the offense of the Supernova, I think you're greatly understating Mama's contribution. She was the best support, showed amazing initiative and the more tactical of the two.

Mama's contributions on panel:
  • Support
    • While Kaido was dazed from Scyther Sonic and Killer went for a follow up to his head, she sniped him causing him to abort his attack:

    • She warned Kaido to dodge Hiryuu Kaen, realising that it was an extraordinarily powerful attack:
    • She chastised Kaido for underestimating Zoro:
      • Kaido was still thinking that Zoro couldn't properly harm him. If not for her intervention, he would have needlessly taken severe damage.
    • After Kaido dodged Zoro's attack, she sniped him preventing him from following up with another high end technique:
  • Offensive Initiative
    • While Luffy was dazed from Thunder Bagua, she tried to strike him down with a Heavenly Fire:
    • Lightning Attacks
      • She struck Killer down with Indra:
      • She struck Zoro down with Indra:
      • She struck all the Supernova with God of Lightning: Tenjin:
      • These took the Supernova out of commission for a few panels (we next see them in Chapter 1003).
    • While Luffy was incapacitated from Boundman she tried to kill him with Motherly Fire:
      • The reason Zoro could not launch a follow up attack on Kaido when he was dazed was because she attacked Luffy at that moment.
    • She attacked the incapacitated Luffy again:
      • "Give me Strawhat!!!" and the explosion is from her
    • She pounded Kidd into the dirt:

  • Tactics
    • She kept targeting the Supernova that were distracted, off guard or incapacitated to reduce their numbers
    • She suggested that they try to nuke all the Supernova at once with an attack they couldn't possibly dodge or evade:

Mama was the most effective teammate she could be IMO:
  • She identified any weaknesses in the Supernova's formation and tried to capitalise on it.
  • She prevented the Supernova from following up on their attacks against Kaido
  • She was actually able to put the Supernova out of commission for a bit
  • She took the tactical lead in the fight advising Kaido when he should dodge, chastising him for underestimating the Supernova, and telling him when they should use their nuke.
  • It took 4 Supernova working together to remove her from the battlefield:

And these are only her on panel feats. There's a reason that the Roof Five claimed that facing both of them together was like going through hell:

Even Zoro was questioning how they could possibly win against the both of them:

Mama approached the battle with the full intent of killing them, and she was very effective in her role. Kaido would have taken a lot more damage in his Dragon form if not for her interventions.

Actually, I will turn this into a thread tomorrow.

The mere thought of Zoro would cause Kaido's head to explode :yasu:
Can't explode when you're already dead.
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Now that it's a 1x5, Kaido should be easily destroyed ... Laughter, we have 5 people at the LOW TOP TIER level.

If it is an extreme difference for SNS, the account will not be reached, if it is extreme each of the roofs is equivalent to 20% 30% of KAIDO (strength) individually, if they are defeated ... Or they need help from 4 more people .. just say / justify that KAIDO is very strong. The more ODA hits the SNS on the roof, the stronger KAIDO is.:kappa::kappa:
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