Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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"Does anyone think that if Usopp used RS he would have survived this attack by King? It is obvious that Sanji's natural durability and strength is incredible, even Nami has already mentioned it, like it or not, Sanji is still a monster of the team. He has full credit for not taking much damage from this powerful and lethal attack by King"

said the guy who consider sanji nearly dying from a no named attack of a YC a feat


sanji couldnt even stop the attack, while here zoro stop the attack and in turn causes massive shockwave soo big that it is bigger than the entire onigashima itself

sanji wankers are a joke
"sanji wankers are a joke"
just chaves being biased. dont slate everyone of them for his comment.

100% points to Zoro's book but I'm glad he's at least hurt and couldn't hold the entire attack.

It was a good way to hype him and not really downplay the Yonko since it hurt him and Law still had to teleport him out while they all escaped.

Pretty nuts when you think about the whole encounter
It looks like Law got everyone out, seeing how neatly they ended up together.

Oooouf being a Lanji fan in 2020-2021 :milaugh:
Lol, forgot Luffy clowned him like that. If you really get past the rivalry thing Sanji is pretty great.
Finally she is gonna drown. I'll be so pissed if plot armour saved her yet again.
Now I do believe Zoro came out of the timeskip stronger than Luffy
I can understand why some people thought otherwise, but the complete denial was ridiculous. When the chapter drops I can't wait to tag this one dude who straight up told me he was going to deny whatever I brought as evidence in every post.
There is a very good chance that Elbaf King or one of his Sons (Loki or Thor if there is one) is Yonko Level or possibly Stronger
It's possible that the World doesn't know about him just like Enel
Honestly I would be most happy if the elbaf enemy just killed her off panel. That would save us the trouble and save oda the trouble of men fighting women.
and garp has the rank of smoker :seriously:
I dont take mice like you serious
believe in zoro dreams but dont wanna believe in any other characters fodder
garp was offered a higher rank and refused
not the case here buddy.
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I think EOS Koby will be on par with admirals, but he won’t be stronger than EOS Zoro
maybe in the epilogue
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