Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Look at this sanjistan with a zoro pic

is there a problem lmao... or is it just i actually made a pretty good point
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Pretty biased to not call it a sacrifice taking an island busting finisher move of 2 Yonko while telling the others to get away.
when did i say it is not?
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I had him under Luffy,Marco and Kid before the raid start but it change with each new performance at the rooftop. I was hyped for Marco feats and had him still in second charge but it change,Zoro is clearly portrayal next to Luffy(in my opinion both perform very good as duo) while Marco/Kid(have him above Marco)comes after.

As Kid fan I also hope he pull out more great feats, this chapter was really great for him and I hope we see even more crazy feats from him.

So based on all current events:
Luffy/Zoro>Marco/Kid(as I say I hope and expect more from Kid).

Overall I like the teamwork between all Supernova,kinda what I predict. Law as support while the others take the damage dealer part.

You though about Zoro current pl?
And another question, how you think about Kaido performance and do you like his hybrid design form?


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I'm thinking Zoro will be taken out the fight. Whether it's permanent or not is unknown. Makes sense to have Zoro do one good feat before being taken out for a while/permenatly?. Killer would just hinder the whole Captain Trio vs Kaido shit, so he's probably being taken out as well.

Very soon we'll get the Captain Trio vs Hybrid Kaido. Their potrayal together as a group isn't for nothing....
Zoro literally sacrificed himself to save everyone on the roof what are you saying
my point wasn't that.. he did sacrifice himself i probably was the first on to call it a sacrifice here... i just said that they are 2 separate scenarios where sanji is against king and zoro is against the yonkos... i just flipped the table on him by saying i don't consider zoro incompetent in skypiea just coz he didn't have a pretty highlighted sacrifice like sanji... plus they are 2 seperate scenarios sanji vs king doesn't require sacrifices unlike the roof top situation with zoro
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