Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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in 23 years, Zoro never kill main villain before, and you suddenly think he's going to kill the most powerful Yonko and the most powerful pirate? Luffy will beat Kaido for showing he's the king it's inevitable.
Im sure you've read threads that have taken the time to present evidence and foreshadowing. After ch 1000 im on ZKK train, if im wrong im wrong. I believe Oda is changing it up, also with the exception of Morgan Zoro has never fought the main villian in an arc and Galley La does not count

Even if you wanted to include Galley La and Morgan, Zoro has only had a brief clash with either where Zoro got destroyed and thrown by Lucci and sliced Morgan

This time around he's been on the roof the whole time with no sign of going anywhere
At the beginning of marineford, both the admirals and Mihawk were using their most powerful attacks that we have seen on screen.

Kizaru: Yata no Kagami
Aokiji: Ice Age
Akainu: Daifunka
Mihawk: Gigantic slash

From the reader's perspective, these are the strongest attacks they respectively used. See, Mihawk wanted to test his power against the strongest man in the world, it doesn't make any sense that he used a low or medium attack from his arsenal, the same thing goes for Kizaru, it doesn't make any sense for him to start the attack against Whitebeard using minor attacks from his arsenal.

At worst, these are high-level attacks from your arsenals of power. The only chance we see anything stronger than that is if the admirals show the DF-awakening and Mihawk shows some new trick, other than that, we can clearly see that they can even be his finishing attacks.

So yes, Marco and Jozu blocked very powerful attacks, and both could certainly replicate that Zoro feat in those same determinations (stopping the attack for a split second, needing the help of Law's teleport and getting extremely injured after that)

Do you think it takes a few seconds for high-level characters to move a few meters? Obviously not
It is impossible to measure time using panels in the manga, in reality, it must have happened in less than 1 second. It is impossible for supernovae to take a few seconds to leave a certain area, the subsequent dialogues are inconsistent. I can give you a taste: Whitebeard talking while Kizaru's lazers (speed of light) travel:

Where is this headcanon nonesense coming from? How do you know thats Mihawk strongest attack. Doffy didn't use his strongest attacks in MF and whenihawk faces Zoro he will use way better attacks.

General Duke Hyuo

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I swear I believe in ZKK but there’s always a risk that Oda hesitates... it’s Oda.
In my opinion Kaido needs to die, he has no purpose later in the story. He’s to strong to be held in Impel Down and when he returns in the end game as a foe then it would be weird. It was plenty of times stated that Kaido needs to die.
Chill brother no use Lord name in swear
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