Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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You respond with headcanon :okay:

LOL I wont die on that hill. Zoro already showed you whos stronger. Kidd cant do shit to Kaido or BM. (he said it not me) Best accomplishment was tanking a BM punch and using his df power to repel her. Thats good, but she still clean after that. Ill take the guy who can block one of the strongest attacks this series have shown, over giving BM a jump boost. just sayin
You realize no one so far can hurt big mom right?

Also kidd has already hurt kaido. 1002 he slammed him and kaido was screaming in pain.

Kidds line was in reference to big mom who isn’t hurt by anyone’s attack that’s why no one is attacking her and we know everyone has been attacking her because she makes a comment about laws rocks and how they still won’t work on her.

Zoro didn’t show whos stronger for shit. The fact kidd just now used repel just shows you he has more up his sleeve that Oda is hiding.

The fact he is using repel and had a harpoon gun should have already made you shut up since it proves he is versatile and Oda is keeping Kidd killer and loses real power under the wraps.

Next time we are on the roof you will start to see their true power.
When the pics dropped out I said Oda wanted Luffy and Zoro down for few chapters to let Kid, Killer, and Law shine and give their best shots against Kaido. After that Luffy and Zoro get up and finish off Kaido.
You`re wrong. Willer, Waw and Widd will lose to Waido. Besides that Woro and Wuffy don`t have enough time to recover.

I assume the following development of events;

Supernovas will lose. The act ends.
Kaido, as usual, does not finish them off and brings the island down to the capital.

Then, when the final round begins, Yamato steps in and fights with his father. According to the prophecy, there will be three more people there.

Then, after the supernovas are healed, they take revenge on Kaido.
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