Greatest Hype In this Chapter?

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Aint no one lying but you. You tried to make it seem like Shanks being a snitch is portrayal above Mihawk who’s getting chased when in reality it’s terrible portrayal because all the true threats like Roger got chased by the Marines too.
So who among the marines today has a case against prime garp. Dont veer away from the topic cawksucker :milaugh:
How tf is that my topic?
You just fucking talking to talk. Roger was being chased all around the world by Garp. Shanks being a snitch makes him stronger than Roger? Tired of having to repeat the same shit to you.

this guy.... :milaugh:
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Who brought up being chased as bad portrayal? Not me. And now you’re deflecting.
You know what a bad portrayal? Being chased like a scrub, by someone weaker... :milaugh:
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