Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1011 Spoiler Summaries and Images

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-Hawkins overtakes them and attacks Kid with his "Warabide Tou" (Hand Sword Provided with Straw). Kid manages to dodge the attack and Hawkins stands before them.
-Killer tells Kid that he will stay fighting Hawkins and that he is going to stop Big Mom, since they cannot allow her to run free around there. Kid leaves chased by several of Kaidou's subordinates.
-Hawkins transforms into a huge voodoo doll.

-Ulti: "My Brother..."
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Translations thanks to @PuckTheGreat

Inside the Castle - 3rd Floor (Kidd & Killer Side)

Kidd: Curses...! we got blown pretty far away. Where the hell are we!?

Killer: We are one of the floors in the castle....

Killer: Doesn't seem like she's coming after us

Kidd: She probably lost sight of us coz of how massive the hole she opened up was

Fodder: Kiddd.....

Kidd: She's downstairs! Hurry!

Kidd: I won't allow her re-group with Kaidou...!!

Fodder: That's Captain Kidd and Killer!

Kidd & Killer: !!

Fodder: Take them out!



Pepebusi Spammer
Translation thanks to Mip.
On the roof

Zeus : Mama!! What happened!? Are you okay!!?
Zeus : Huh!! I’m free...
Zeus : Where are you mama!? I’m coming!! I’ll help you!!
Law : So Kidd’s power has weakened...
Law : Big Mom is back at the castle...it would be troublesome if that thunder cloud went looking for her...!!
Law : Huff huff
Law : Hey! I’ll leave it to you here and take them with me strawhat-ya!!
Luffy : Sure thing
Zeus : Huh

Translations thanks to @PuckTheGreat

Kidd: This is bad...

Killer: What an enegertic old lady!

Killer: Also...!!

Killer: Anyways! Let's get the hell outta here!!

Hera?: Ahahah~ahahah

Hera?: ahahahahahah!!!

Kidd: What the hell....!!

Kidd: We already captured her lightning homie didn't we!?

Linlin: Let's have a little test run!!!

Linlin: Show me what you got Hera!!

Killer: ....!!?

Hera: Ho~hoho<3

Hera: Yes~Mama<3

Kidd: ...!!

Linlin: Fulgora!!!


Pepebusi Spammer
Translation from Mip.
Killer : You go ahead of me. don't let Big Mom get away
Kidd : Shi- i'm counting on you!
Fodder : Kidd is running away!!
Hawkins : I'm saved. I wouldn't have been able to take on both of you
Killer : You're putting quite an effort into serving kaido. What a good boy
Hawkins : You can say whatever you want, but the chance of you dying here is 92% !!
Hawkins : Pitiful Man Slayer Kamazou
Killer : Another fortune huh, our strength is what matters here!! Fafafa!!
Page One : Wheeze wheeze cough
Usopp : Gyaa he got right back up!!
Usopp : What’s with these dinosaur power users
Page one : That nose bastard!!!
Usopp : Too bad the Kibi dango works on smile users only
Big Mom : Show yourself Kidd !!!
Usopp : huuuuuuuuuh!!!
Tama : Oh
Usopp & Nami : Big Mom !!!?
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