How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Hawkins hax won't be enough anyway, he'll put up a fight but there's no winning outcome against Killer. Especially after what he did.
Killer showed a mind cool enough to just ignore Apoo, outsmarting him, but if Hawkins really decides to block Killer's path then I can see only 2 possible outcomes:
- He is defeated by Killer
- He makes a deal with Killer (?)
What do you mean he has no chance of victory? It's not like Killer will absolutely fodderize him. There might be a winner or it could be a draw even. We don't know.
I was always for BM won't be an enemy who will go down and will eventually will be on SHs side. But damn the way the story is written around her is just bad. Even though, she had such greate potential with her character and setup. :josad:
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