How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Why are so many people surprised?

If you haven't understood BM's character until now, I can't help you.

She's heavily inspired by the Majin Boo character of DBZ.

She has a innocent, child-like side (aka "Good Boo") and a dark side (aka "Evil Boo"). Those two sides are also represented by Zeus and Prometheus.

Her dark side probably has something to do with Carmel and the Soul-Soul-Fruit, since we've seen her being a goodhearted child back in the day.

I'm pretty sure the endgame with her is that somehow her dark side gets seperated from the original O-Lin character.
Olin appeared earlier in the Arc for a reason as well, thing is most people here just deslike Tama or Big Mom having an actual character unlike KAIDO.
"Kid leaves in search of Big Mom."
He is gonna be surprised lol man if he really ends up fighting Queen then Yamato and Zoro are stronger than him but I think he will go back to the roof
Hes specifically trying to fight her so I doubt he goes back to Luffy or even Queen at this point. The man made an effort to jump off the roof and fight her specifically, I assume he still will until he loses or wins
What do you mean he has no chance of victory? It's not like Killer will absolutely fodderize him. There might be a winner or it could be a draw even. We don't know.
There's no such thing as fodderization in a fight between SNs, that's obvious, but Hawkins and Killer fought the same opponent (Zoro) in 2 different situations and the one who came out of that as the better fighter is Killer.
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