How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Shit is fuckin ridiculous but who knows

Maybe Big mom will fuck up the strawhats?

Nah man, it's supposed to be One Piece's biggest battle/war. We've been waiting for Wano for about ten years.

There is absolutely no fucking tension. Even with the 2 yonkos on the roof there weren't any.

Luffy who gains 5 powers up in 1 week of training with Hyogoro with his flashback instinct and masters the advanced COA and COC in 1 WEEK you realize ??

Chopper bitch-slapping Queen

Marco taking the two most powerful calamities on his own. There is NO fucking deaths I can't anymore
She’s strong... She just beat kid and killer all the way back into the castle and bopped Page one... What she isnt is competent... she’s ridiculously incompetent
I know she's strong. What I meant was that she does not look strong. There is no moment where she actually looks really powerful and as an actual threat. It's really sad.
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