How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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There is no moment where she actually looks really powerful and as an actual threat.
She does look strong... She is manhandeling Kid Killer and Page one... But she WILL NOT be a threat... like from the moment she got solo’d by King in Act 2, Oda has kept her threat level VERY consistent

Killer even stopped caring... Its ridiculous if you think about it... Killer CHOOSES to fight Hawkins instead of continuing to fight the Yonko who he knows is still active... Its actual lunacy how much Oda is saying she doesnt matter
So the current matchups:

- Luffy vs Kaido
- Kid vs Big Mom (he's going after her still)
- Jinbe vs Whos Who
- Franky vs Sasaki
- Robin/Brook vs Black Maria
- Nami/Usopp vs Ulti
- Drake vs Apoo
- Killer vs Hawkins (somehow Hawkins is still bad)

That leaves the 3 Calamities still, Perospero, Page 1 (if he recovers), Marco, Chopper, Sanji, Yamato, Zoro (if he recovers too) and Law to fight them.

No idea where this is currently going, but hopefully P1 is given to Chopper cause that works technically. I have no issue with Usopp and Nami tagging Ulti, that's actually way better than both soloing a F6 each
You forgot orochi
Chopper is way stronger than Usopp and Nami, he deserve a Sasaki level opponent and a 1 vs 1 at the very least
Well there is no one unless we consider Perospero, but I doubt it's his matchup. Page 1 is fine provided he recovers and uses his hybrid.

I never had faith in Usopp vs Page 1. I've constantly said he needs to fight a powerhouse
If that Zkk fan had quit in this chapter instead of 1010, it would have made sense. After 1009 everyone was in awe how the 4 supernovas eliminated Big mom temporarily. She should have just fell on the waters, maybe rescued by her crew and we deal with her later. Otama hD done enough, now this? I know she is not Olin but the alliance don't need help now, for Christ sake we even have not completed the match ups, with zoro,law,sanji, the 6 retainers , yamato etc still to get match ups. ODA is treading in wrong waters? Now what next? Will ulti now face big mom? Will she betray Otama? What is this special zone the she is now? She mistreated pudding at a younger age? Oh God. Let me wait for the chapter to rage some more
Wait. Luffy was there too, so it wasn't totally fair either. Hawkins managed to hurt Zoro and actually took no damage at all, whatsoever. That confrontation made Hawkins look really good. Hawkins has a very real possibility to come out victorious.
Well Luffy wasn't really a factor there, he just threw a lizard at Hawkins and the latter impaled it. I could give Hawkins the edge in a preppy scenario, where he can make use of his strategic skills, but in a -keep-my-pace- battle which requires more adaptability my money are all on Killer tbh.
Killer vs Hawkins could be dope.
If hawkins doesn´t switch sides (that´s more what i´m believing).
What´s Tama´s order to the gifters? maybe to help Chopper and marco against King & Queen?
Apperantly Big Mom remembers Tama and still has her in high regards... and honestly I like it!
Gives a nice point to her charackter, atleast in my opinion.
Cool to see that shes upset about the destruction of okobore and that she´s attacking PayPay.
will she turn against the beast piraates now? I hope not completely, that would certainly be the end for them.
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