How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Wtf seriously wtf, why is Oda making things more and more easier for the alliance.:pepeke:

Based on the spoilers I don't think Big Mom actually turned back to O-Lin, however it seems like Oda is going to use Big Mom and Tama's friendship to have Big Mom help the alliance.

First you have a majority of the SMILEs switching sides, then you have some of the Waiters and Pleasures switching sides, and now it looks like Big Mom will switch side and if Big Mom switches sides then Perospero will probably do the same and help the alliance.

Also Tama is a horrible plot device, Act 3 started off good and now it's going downhill.:tchpepe:
The ultimate Kaido downfall
The spoilers are so funny, but at the same time cruel ... it's hard to believe lol, if it's true then poor kidd fans!!

They wanted to be the rival of Luffy : no.
They wanted the head of kaido : no.
They wanted COC clash because Kidd was smiling : no.
They wanted Big Mom and shine like Zoro and Luffy vs Kaido : no.

Big Mom now is fighting for the alliance, Killer vs Hawkins. What's gonna happen now ? his arch-nemesis Apoo ?!!
It's of course one of the most awaited fight comparable to BB vs Luffy and Mihawk vs Zoro : Apoo vs Kidd :steef:
Nah if Page One isn’t knocked out , that’s bullshit writing on Odas part tbh....... what is the distinction between a Tobi Roppo and a commander if Page One can get up from this??
General all around power... Queen has greater zoan recovery/strength that Page One and Ulti specialize in due to having a bigger and stronger dinosaur combined with cybernetics giving him powerful lasers and guns and other abilities.

And just as Queen has a stronger dinosaur than Page One and ulti, King has a faster one than Whos Who and Sasaki. He then boosts himself farther due to his racial attributes weve yet to see the full abilities of.

King or Queen would mid diff any Tobi Roppo.
thats reactionary af.
people thought when amnesia plot happened that it will help luffy to defeat kaido.
lo and behold the man is 1v1ing kaido now.

these types of reaction is always an impatience and reactionary. we just dont know enough shit about big mom.
So in BM entire life no one came with the idea to give her food to her to a ally? She basically beat one of Kaido strongest members and risking a fucking alliance because of a 8year old children who taking PIS out of her ass as nothing.
Big mom kill people,destroy islands and now she take care for a children because she get food? That is shitty writing, as if anything in the future changing this nonsense. Big mom travel to kill Luffy and her crew in wano. She threat her children as trash,she even try to kill Chiffon and her children and the same women throw the chance to get pirateking away for food?

As the shit with the smiles are not enough Tama now even have the chance to tame Big mom. Then GG any tension for the arc, she outshinning our strawhats in their first full war fight against a yonkou.

Can't belive people their even try to defend this nonsense. Asf anything changing now? Smiles are in hand of Tama and probably BM too.

Nice for you if you wanna see a 8year old outpershinning the strawhats.
People upset by the ending yet have no regard for:

- Law, Zoro and Zeus leaving the roof
- BM being menacing as fuck to Kid and Killer and attacking them enough to launch them back into Onigashima
- Prometheus getting an upgrade
- Hawkins reappearing after 20 chapters
- Killer and Hawkins fighting (potentially)

Like damn guys, the ending has no bearing on the first 3/4ths of the chapter and we still have no idea if P1 is done or if BM is a "permanent" ally (which I highly doubt both)
Because the high recovery comment was literally made specifically for Page 1 and Ulti after Luffy and Yamato knocked them out
i don’t know how to feel about Page One getting up from Big Moms attacks just like Queen did. That doesn’t make much sense. Cause then it’s implying all the dinosaurs have the same durability or something..... and if that’s the case it makes even less sense for Usopp and Nami to defeat them.
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