How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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You only need one week. Since we are getting early spoilers for 1012.

I can help you but you must write an agreement to inform police officers that I was practicing MMA on you.
Can I make my decision next week chief? If 1012 is trash we’ll have to wait 2 weeks
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You wrote "survived" boofgall
By surviving I mean not getting knocked out
I wouldn't exactly say that, but I guess its "lucky". I'd say their bond caused it still. She took a liking to Tama and it activated the mode. She didn't interact with Momo directly while he was being executed, which may explain why it didn't happen there.
from their only interaction, the cause could be something simple like bouth big mom and tama like o-shiruko,
momo didn't talk about food on the way to udon.
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