How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Symbol of Despair
I think we’ll see the Tobi Rōppo do it by themselves and the Calamities in their own chapter tbh
It get's repetitive then. Might as well do one massive reveal chap for all of them. Oda loves doing these now. Like how he did the bounty reveals for the Yonko/WB/Roger or F6 Zoan reveals. I just want him to show us all those glorious looking Hybrids.

In my opinion King, WsW and Sasaki will look the best.


I'll never forgive you Oda
So you at least admit Sanji didn't even attempt to block Lame One when same guy can't get past a baboon :yasu:

If P1 is fine, why is that such a great thing when Law is fine and up from CoC infused club from Kaido while injured at that and durability is supposed to be a zoan trait? Lmao
There’s no point in arguing if Sanji attempted to block when the manga showed us he did lmao
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