How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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There’s no point in arguing if Sanji attempted to block when the manga showed us he did lmao
You mean Sanji would struggle against same baboon Luffy KOd with CoC :gokulaugh: The one Page Juan struggled against :lulz::lulz::lulz:

Sanji called P1 an idiot "I'll take care of this idiot" then had him dish out an attack Sanji just tested how much damage the suit could take

Sanji kicked P1 with a base kick, then from that drew the conclusion he was "an idiot" lmao

That's the guy you stan :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
Yh I have a feeling that all the F6 and Calamities go Hybrid in the same chap. Like in Chapter 998. The hype would be insane...

Plus the epic forshadowing that Meme turns Queen into Hybrid....

I agree with the hybrid take at least. It makes sense.

The fact that Oda has been reluctant to use P1s hybrid, but keeps Drake in his is obvious that he's not entirely willing to show it off again yet. He even barely uses Ulti's for anything atm

Once all the matchups are set, I can see essentially an update/transition chapter with full, single pages that show off Ulti (again), P1, Black Maria (assuming that's not her hybrid), Sasaki and WsW, totaling 5 pages, followed by 3 double spreads for Jack, Queen and King, each does their title and full bounty. Then Kaido follows this with awakening or something


Symbol of Despair
You are delusional man.

Luffy also cracked kaidos skull when he first fought him.

Queen got bodied it doesn’t matter if he’s in hybrid since big mom can spear of Elbaf him
It doesnt matter if he has arms I guess. It doesnt matter if he can use weapons. It doesnt matter if he isnt in his main combat form which is Hybrid.

You saying real clown shit. Queen was far more nerfed than she was....
If we got hints throughout Wano then I would’ve been fine with it. But this shit came from outta nowhere
exactly, we don't even know how CoC, the fact that it can be used like CoA is the biggest asspull in the series.
i know it was hinted that there's more to it than a mere surge of spirit, but i didn't thing it's just gonna be a superior CoA.
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