How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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This Luffy vs Kaido wasn’t long at all.
Jack fought Fuji and Sengoku and then Neko and Inu for 5 days and to top that of he fought an entire sulong army
neku and inu can be considered, but they weren't stronger than jack in zou so, no haki bloom. fuji and sengoku was an overkill
and luffy didnt get his haki bloom in his fight vs kaido rn. he just used coc same way he uses Adv. coa which he awakened in desperate situation when he was trying to free both himself and hyogoro from that exploding thingy


Guys correct this spoiler:
According to 5ch spoiler, Big Mom doesn't eat kibidango

And there is a conversation between them as Tama offers Big Mom soup.(She says that the soup is very nice and thanks) Soup is red bean soup.

I think there is a reference to the title here.
I made a mistake here. According to a conversation between Big Mom and Tama, Big Mom tells Tama that she thanked Otsuru for the red bean soup.

When I couldn't see Otsuru's name, I thought he was speaking against Tama.
a 40 pages chapter will have a lot of content though, gives him time to refine it
as for now it would seems that oda is doing all the work, or his recent editors suck
Honestly, I hate monthly releases in general. A lot of reasons behind it but maybe one is that I suck at remembering stuff, lol. I usually don't get irritated by bad OP chapters because they're weekly and I know that I have a chance of getting a good chapter next week. But when I wait for a month and then get a bad chapter... Oh hell no.
maybe when she hits kidd with it and he gets a concussion
he will grasp how to use it too
lets see if luffy's method of blooming works for someone else.
luffy didnt get bloom when kaido attacked him, he just used coc in the same way he uses adv coa, from what I understand.
but kidd doesnt know adv coa
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"Oda, why didn't Big Mom use the special CoC no touching punching on Kidd earlier?"

Oda: "Psssst. I intentionally hide stupid things so when I finally explain something, then suddenly everybody uses them".

Garbage ass arc.
Queen didn't even bother to go hybrid against Big Mom and instead decided to attack her with Brachio fucking Bomber in his dinosaur state.

All of this simply beacuse Oda wants to save that form for his main fight with a strawhat. Bye bye logic.
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