How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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"The mother mode "RARELY" appears with kids under 10 years old, The reason to why she attacks Page One is not because of her gratitude towards Tama, but she is angry because they executed the people who lived in Okobore"

It's a call back to when Big Mom was abandoned as a child and Mother Caramel and the Orphanage took her in and fed her. So it makes sense she's grateful to people like that.

This chapter is putting Big Mom's character into full perspective now.
Because Sakura wasn't that bad of a character and while i accept the major issues with her I mainly fought those that tried to trash Sakura in order to uplift Hinata who is far worse imo
I'd trash on both girls tbh.
Ino was the best even if she had the least amount of time. (1010 don't count for shit!)
Hinata was a boring character, Barely there but somehow got Naruto... her writing is dogshit.
It doesn't and I'm not saying that only one source was used as an inspiration for Big mom's entire character, but even for the "Good" and "Evil" Linlin inspiration can be found with Yubaba. Iirc, she had an oversized baby that she treated just the way "good" Linlin treats Tama, the "special age mode" of Big mom is probably even a reference to that. Outside of that Yubaba was a tyrant that ruled with fear just like Big mom does. Both used fire techniques and could fly with some kind of cloud ( I think in the movie it was a some wind cloud) and that's just from my memory. Haven't watched that movie in a long time.

I definitely think majority of Big mom's entire character was initially inspired from that movie.
She flew by wrapping herself up in a cape and flying like a crow :suresure:
Ok now this make sense but please don't become an ally BM..

so kaido's distressed noice...

And i don't believe pay pay will get up from that punch for a more than 10 chaps.. if he does..he's just low diff material
It makes sense ro me. Ancient Zoans are not surpose to go down easily. So Yamato and BM both weakening Pay pay and Ulti makes sense. So when Nami n ussop beat them its not has much of an asspull
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