How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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BM will have a third arc but it won't be just for the sake of it

Elbaf will also be about the origin of all races , and Ancient Weapons will definitely be involved

BM power + Uranus and the whole world will crumble

most importantly Joy Boy was a giant most likely, so we will know more about his story

only people who cares only about power lvls hate BM, if you care about characterization will see that she's related to many important topics and mysteries in the OP world
the only villain who's heavily involved with Elbaf is BM
Far to soon too tell.

Luffy said multiple times he will fight her, the beginning of the new world was Luffy declaring war on her
And he has been fighting her in this arc. Luffy also told Katakuri and BM that he'll come back to WCI to take her down, so his words would be invalid if he never goes back to WCI?

in addition Luffy stated multiple times he will defeat all 4 yonko
Luffy says a lot of things. Blackbeard will defeat Shanks, I definitely think you agree how hard the build up is pushing for that, right?
Or do you earnestly think that luffy will have an all out battle with his idol?

the Giant whole theme is their religious, while BM their mortal enemy is base don a Witch

there's still unfinished storylines like Pudding race and her story with Sanji, BM past , Pekoms and Germa date...ect

BM in Elbaf is happening, there's no ifs about it
None of these story lines are that important in the grand scheme. Oda has said a million times recently how he wants to finish OP as fast as he can, his editors confirmed that they've been shook by the pace of Wano meaning Oda sacrificed plot points in this arc to push the story forward, same will happen going forward.

Big mom and Kaido won't matter in the throne wars post this arc. One will die and the other won't be an enemy any longer.
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