How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Where? They haven't even come out of the revo fight unharmed. Lol.
The revos are meant to overthrow the celestial dragons and the WGs which are >Yonkos
of course they'll be stronger then Vista actually way stronger
You mean Akainu's superiors respectfully listening to what Shanks wants, while disrespecting Akainu?
Akainu went ~ to the strongest yonko it's alr, cope on this one.
This is one of zoro final fight of course
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og admirals are overrated as fk kizaru got worse feats than fuji :kobeha:
man couldn t even get past a 78 years old rusty swordsman:fuah:
Then he low-diffed the strongest yonko, the man stronger then Vista equal :kobeha:

Rayleigh admitted he can only fend off kizaru for a lil bit in his prime :kobeha:


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Admirals out here babyshaking the strongest yonko
While shanks is over here admitting inferiority and asking for help :saden:

Let me guess a joke sbs from Oda? He's fighting zoro and hes not siding with the SH who has murders as ally's just stop it
He already said the WG thinks there a god and yet still with them.

Mihawk > Shanks >~ Fujitora more probably

Make it Shanks > Fuji actually
Every CoC user automatically remember that they can do it after Luffy tanked Ragnarok with his balls.

what if they just wanted to clash... its not like they were seen imbuing Coc like (Wb and Roger) in their weapons and what are they odds that they consistently use it during a fight.. so how can you conclude that they were using Coc and not even knocking the fodders around.
Yonkou and Mihawk are built different :kayneshrug:
Mihawk with 1% of his strenght can hold a top 3 commander of Wb without looking at him no problem:myman:
And we know those commanders of Wb are strong as fk matching the admirals :few:
Mihawk used 1% of his Strength based on which panel exactly?
As it stands Fujitora dealt better against Mera Sabo than Mihawk against Vista.

Mihawk said his power knows no restraint, but Luffy still managed to dodge some of his slashes while every Admiral hit him in the first try.

Funnily enough, Yonkou are grouped with Admirals, not Mihawk. By Chinjao, Luffy and I think even the Volume from the Bullet movie is saying that Bullet wanted to beat Admirals and Yonkou to prove that he's the strongest, why not Mihawk?
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